S class ranks for fun

I had some dead time in onslaught so i figured I’d put up list for people to hate on. Maybe I’ll add my reasons next dead time. Remember this my opinions I’d love to see your list and reasons.
Maybe will help some people prioritize.

  1. Priya

  2. Mercer

  3. Aarav

  4. Princess

  5. Laopo

  6. Frost

  7. Wangfa

  8. Angel

  9. Daiyu

  10. Hengyen

  11. Crista

  12. Pete

  13. Guo

  14. Raulito

  15. James

  16. Sheila

  17. Added Minerva- think she is worse as an s class tbh

  18. Kapoor


you missed 1, Minerva

Agree with top5, even though i like Angel on some teams. Rest dont matter much

I’ve agree with most of the top 10, personally I have never loved laopo so I’d drop him to 12, pushing the others up one.

Poor Kapoor :joy:


Frosst isn’t that good on defense, he’s underpowered, he’d fall on top 10 for Me, and Minerva needs to go up a little, she’s a beast for auto attack. Otherwise I agree

Which of these have you used?

I’ve seen him cause some issues fully maxed with that impair/elusive weapon. And he could make attack teams pretty unbeatable.

I have at least a 6 of all of them but frost james pete and minerva. S I have priya princess(new) mercer angel hengyen raulito wangfa laopo sheila aarav crista. I am in a spend faction so I get to duel a lot of composition of teams.

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I’m going to set them into a tier based system.

God Tier:
Priya, Aarav, Princess

One man army, highly useful in most teams

S Tier:
Mercer, Raulito, Laopo, Wangfa,

Specialized strategies and support, highly useful in many teams.

A Tier:
Pete, Hengyen, Frost, Guo, Angel, Shiela, Daiyu

Good support toons, moderately useful in some teams.

B Tier:
Minerva, James, Christa,

Good toons with the right support. Moderately useful in some teams, especially in the absence of other S class toons.

C Tier:

Low quality toon. Limited utility with little to no usability long term.


I like the format disagree with some like mercer and raulito but that is thing about opinions.

Laopo is to me the toughest to rate.

My issue with laopo is, there are toons that do the same thing as her slightly better with other utility and do direct damage. The lack of direct damage is the biggest drawback and why I couldn’t make her work

Laopo is a toolbox of a toon l, but I don’t like her AP cost. If you impair/daze her before she gets going, you’ll have no trouble, but her rush is pretty devastating.

But honestly the God Tier toons with the right setup are so good that she shouldn’t be an issue.

Hengyen #1. Surprised people have so much love for priya as #1. Hengyen annihilates her every time.


Id rank christa higher tbh. In the realm of mercer and wangfa.

Priya, aarav

Mercer, princess, wangfa, christa, laopo

Etc etc

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I’d throw back hengyen if I could not going to lie.

I’ve never had the love for her others have and I tried she is like v19. Her slow is easy to work around and rarely are you facing greens on def to leverage waste not well. Mercer can basically hit three for same damage and has hard control and a situationally awesome lead skill. I cant imagine putting them on same tier.

She has always worked so well for me behind priya. Her slow, def down active, and high dmg has saved my butt on more than one occasion

You’re not using him right then :slight_smile:

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