S class pros and cons

Thats the difference since infection forces you to heal up 100% (or was it 200%)

While trauma is cleanse damage (Basically you get damaged for getting cleansed)

A big ass con for trauma is. Your negative penalties may not a cleanser on the enemy team. Meaning raulito can give eric heal reduction and cleanse it. Kapoor can maim a pete, Angel can give him trauma than pete will recover maim and end up killing himself.

Meaning if you have a negative or a damage over time affect. You better scan the enemy team and hope they have a recover (insert negative penalty here) or the trauma toon is useless.

So fair Kapoor AR > Angel AR > Enemy pete recover > trauma damage. Is good
Raulito AR > Eric’s active skill > Trauma damage.

So far there’s no recover exhaust, trauma, or infection.
Trauma be a bit more op if it was like this. Recovering a penalty and using active heal activates it. Meaning trauma would of basically locked you in a life or death if you used heal or recover.

But no trauma only kicks in if you got confuse. Then you cleanse it. Then damage. (I haven’t tested if trauma kicks in if the penalty naturally goes away)

Can I show you my atk and def teams and some help :blush:

image Def

image ATK

That’s actually a bad team mercer gives no Def or hp bonus doc will be killed turn 1 and Zander will be killed turn 2

So pete is lead, angel, christa, xmas princess, and kapoor.

For raiding? Thats a decent team?
Def is good. If your pete lead raid team cant win a raid you have two choices. If you lose the raids from the clock being runned down make that team def. If your getting killed out easily. Beef up pete, Get a human shield with a stun gun. I was gonna make pete a def but Im not trying to get jumped up to S13 and start seeing all S13. Since rn raulito is lead and Im S11. Thats my def.

S class priya on a pete lead is good. Her ar can take out Tanky n beefy toons. If she’s char modded, gun modded, and on the right lead. Her ar makes her a 3 shot on kapoor, pete, and other beefy n tanky toons. Biggest con? If reflect damage kicks in? 95% of the time it’s a insta kill. Or a dangerously low to death in hp.

With no shield Alice & sandy would be killed turn 1 by Priya

sorry dude…but ya telling us every day stuff people know. I like ya gusto…but your like 6 months behind.

What is your def?

I just like speaking my knowledge.
Someone had put focused stunned on pete.

I might get his bonus hp (shield) or get focused stunned.

lol…u my son…make me smile…

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Best s-class teams still loose to this one

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ok…i guess

Best must mean something else to you

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