S class pros and cons

I mean dont see much trauma.

the effects being put on toons? Yes since people chose angel.

Trauma actually kicking in? No because My only cleanse is recover maim.

Im not too excited by her tbh. However i have used her well against doc stephens/zach/amber and aarav.

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You are wrong about Christa AS. Try to deff down Pete with it and then command her and rush on him


I tried a zander and had swapped him for raulito since I really wasn’t doing much damage wise since I’d just run down the clock.

This is funny to watch… Ive got andreas weapon with a reflect damage when slowed, confused, or dazed and its great to watch priya take herself out lol. And even better if there’s a james on the team with her


Pro I was on a level playing field with whales and always am with a reset, Con not on a par with whales now S-class is on the wheel and 5* weapons


Princess xmas is good for my team

But angel trauma hasn’t bee useful since.
I have burn, slow, maim, impair
But no one has cleansers for these penalties. Which sucks. I wish healing activated trauma.

I think more traumable toons are seeping in

Only thing is you better hope the enemy team has cleansers for your penalities.

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Or trauma will be useless (I wish worked like infection. Meaning if you have a negative penalty and goes away overtime with trauma is should damage. So if you lose confuse overtime and have trauma you would take damage… Shit nah that be OP. There’s no recover trauma active skills yet…)

Guess ur Christa is so decent, mine one shot 2k hp and AR kill any s-class maxed green

Trauma will never be meta, it’s too specific. Do you know what meta stands for?

I dont think you one shotting v30 laopo.

I leave that one with 20 hp or less, Christa hit really hard, harder than Priya. its just people tanking her so she won’t die easily

People r underestimating angel, u know how tanky she is? She is even more tanky than kapoor best teams will need more 10 turns of she put with kapoor and Pete

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Nope I don’t know what it means

If they added infection to angel they’d be perfect imo


Those are 4 turn kill teams. Admittedly 4 turns can be alot.

Trauma is basically like infection if you think of it

Trauma kicks in if you cleanse off a penalty

Infection kicks in if you dont heal enough.
But infection one shots while trauma only works if you dont kill the cleansers

Infection will force u to cleanse while trauma kill u if u cleanse