S class pros and cons

Im gonna do one about pete

(You can leave your pros and cons about your owned s class toons)

Pros: Good as ever AR
Deals enough damage to one shot someone with ar if they are 2k health
Can do good damage

Active skill is lame (Focus dont really do much)
Can be targetted and killed in first 3 turns
Disabled easily and more


Has a 1.5k maim damage on a line of enemies
Can heal himself back to max hp with active skill
Can be a human bullet shield if beef and tanked right

His active skill may not work (Meaning that lifesaving max hp heal may not come in and you’ll get did in by damage)
Hard to kill if you dont have a maim, bleed, burn, or fast damager.
Real big in def and hp if going against him in raids
Attack is trash

Good lead for rainbow toons’
Can be used right if paired with kapoor and a pete (Maim than trauma than a pete on the other team recovers and get damage)
Good active skill

Trauma AR is useless if the enemy team doesnt have cleansers for your penalties
Trauma only works if someone cleanses it
Attack is kinda trash
Easy to counter.

Doesnt need 2 6 star versions to get
Can revive 2 toons at the same time and give them guard shield and bonus hp
Real beefy hp and def once if maxed out and modded right
Good bonus hp

Hard to kill if you dont have a priya, burn, bleed, maim, or trauma
Active skill makes him open to trauma damage if your running a pete lead
Lead skill isn’t recommended for raiding unless you have a good damage dealer or S class priya. (Meaning if you cant win your most likely getting time run out loses)
11k keys
Most people have extra keys.
Annoying if raiding against him on enemy teams.
(Leave your opinions on s class toons!)


That is a pro not a con.
Also he is very easy to kill even with 6 star only. People are sleeping on toons that have better abilities because S class have higher stats.



Pro - shoots people in the face wih rockets

Con - dies easily to reflect damage


He is if you can get enough bleed on him before he uses his heal and recover maim.

I see him as easy if your fighting against a enemy who has just pete as lead and no s class toons.

For me
My current team is pete lead,angel, raulito christa and kapoor and he’s still hard for me to drop unless I can get the bleed, maim and christa ar on him.

2 petes plus another 3 s class I find fairly straight forward. Now mercer teams are tough.
only my opinion however.
Team I am using is Diego (stun wep),Tobin,Amber,Bruce (stun wep), Andrea (abso wep) I cannot auto with this team but it wins pretty easily.
I can auto with Raulito,Shiela,Zach,Negan (payback),Christa just takes a little longer.


Are you saying that’s your attack team? Because if it is I assume you don’t have Priya yet (not just the s but the 6* variant too) you may want to replace one of those with a lacerator or maybe switch up your team maybe with an Alice lead or something to have the extra attack and ap bonus you’ll have an easier time taking down Pete


Yellow mercer is annoying. Dude can clone his hp but give himself 100% bonus hp (Bonus hp is annoying if you dont got a good damage, bleed,burn,exhaust, or trauma.

Blue mercer? I haven’t fought yet in raids.

Yellow mercer made me rage since his ar ran down the clock.

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Blue mercer i mean. Yellow mercer is wiped out t2 or 3 by amber.

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This back before I had did my teams right and before I manual instead of just auto raiding Which was H O R R I B L E.

I wanna get Jiafeng to take raulito spot.
Jiafeng and a raulito s class would be good since he can 1.5k bleed and she can double it with lacerator.

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Yea that would be the ideal pair to work toward s class Raulito is already a problem and then you add a lacerator to it? You’ll be shredding Pete no problem

my s class raulito lead team gets lacerator from shiela so If I add jiafeng, t1 I will hit 2 with 1200 bleed which is pretty decent.

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I might use angel lead instead of pete.

attack or def?

Idk. I haven’t made that pete team main def so my raid grade doesnt get boosted up and all I see is S13 teams.

I would concentrate on building def round pete tbh

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If your pete atk lead team cant do good but can survive then your def team is good for winning from running down the clock since half of loses with pete are clock run downs or me leaving midgame knowing it’s a lose since pete, raulito, and angel got bagged lol.

You use pete as attack lead?

Yeah but so far it’s bad since.

Angel and kapoor are good for. Maim and trauma.

Bad part is. Imagine having a penalty like bleed,maim,slow, or etra. But the enemy team has no cleansers. Meaning her trauma is useless.

Rn trauma is underrated and useless but once it gets into the meta it’ll get countered. Trauma is a easy counter
Once you get trauma just manual and dont do any recovers (If the penalty goes away naturally or overtime like 1.5k bleed for 3 turns then the bleed goes away it doesnt trigger trauma)
Meaning angel and kapoor are good for pete leads, and anyone who has maim or recover exhaust.
Eric is good for raulito since he has recover heal reduction which will trigger that trauma.

So once trauma becomes the meta then we’ll see it getting countered.

So far trauma is underrated and useless (My opinion)

Kind of a paradox my man