S Class Priya with 10K Base Stats

Wooooo imagine an issue that I didn’t experience and scopely giving everyone the newest recruit bits (if this game played that way).

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Seems like they’re shifting to this model, right?

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Relax , a few of us are getting Sergio, it’s cool


See below

This game is already so unbelievably broke n it’s not even funny. I guess this how scopley turns it all around… lol All you FTP/light spender s, if you thought you had trouble before. You better buckle your seat belts and have someone hold your bee r for those double/triple priya teams you’re most definitely gonna be running into.

My advice to you is this, depo t your roster, delet e game and never look back or option #2 spend as much money as it takes to get yourself multiple priya and continue on until they make her useless. Then either repeat step #1 or step #2. The end.


By the time F2P will be able to get her some “New Super Dooper S Class ++ Uber Veteran 10*” would be already present. With 20k base attack.
Don’t fall for it.


My region has two whale factions in it. My faction competes for 3rd or 4th in almost all challenges…I literally see nothing changing with Priya…the two whale factions will battle between themselves for first place with Priyas and Petes and Neagans and whatever other OP toons get released…

The rest of us will battle for 3rd-10th with our gen 2’s and gen 1’s and eventually some weak toons they will call S class but that won’t be anywhere near as good as the S class toons that cost a thousand dollars…

So, all the people predicting the end of the game because of Priya are sorely mistaken. Nothing will change…you will still lose wars to the top 1-2 factions just like you do now.

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Daryl = Priya
Negan’s Goons = This Game

I can’t even imagine at this point why anyone would ever trust scopely again. They’re the only gaming company worse than EA, and that’s really saying something. Abandon ship, everyone, it’s over.

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That’s actually pretty accurate and valid point!