S Class Priya with 10K Base Stats

Priya comes into the game as the second S Class character and she has 10K Base Stats after the S-Class Fighter Updates [Aug 14] along with Pete Anderson also getting buffed base stats as well.

Along with the boost to S Class characters there is an aim in the update post to make S Class characters openly available over time - something like this has never been done before… except for 6* Gen 1 Tara in Faction Assault - A character that, even to this day, a lot of people do not have.

How many months will take to get an S Class Character F2P?

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This latest release makes the recent Legacy Ascendable characters strength and release rate all the more hilarious than they originally were.


How many months to get a ftp S-class? Bad question, by that time the game will close the servers lol


Dude asking the right question! :joy:


No one will be playing this game by the time f2p get an s class, i mean we cant even get good legacies or leagues toons anymore, not to mention vet rings, RIP RTS. And no, “the sky is not falling” you will feel it the hardest the war after this one, this is many peoples last war and many like me are taking a break from war.


ToC Finale just became even more of a joke - it’s pretty obvious going forward after WoC / ToC that any war ‘event’ is just made to create a spending frenzy to be ‘the best’ like that is an achievement the way the game is rn.


You’re just now learning, remember what I said


I hope everyone leaves. I hope everyone leaves or refuses to be a part of the council


Please don’t support Scopely’s greed… Please don’t pull for this game killer.


Showcasing other games like MSF, Raid shadow legends and SW galaxy of heroes seems like a good option for RTS content creators now :laughing:



Why do you have to play games? There’s an outside world with so many things to do. This is the only game i play and if it ends then I’m done playing games. I have a gamecube that’s it and I don’t even use that


Been playing MSF and Raid as a fallback for a little while haha


Utterly absurd takes away the strategy aspect of the game she will roll over any toon no skill just trampling over lowly rosters. #overit

Lol ok :ok_hand:

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the strategy is to get money to get her haha

You got her yet stunna?

You know he does lol

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Don’t know why you don’t believe it. It’s the only game I play and I know a few others as well.

Good luck and have fun

I wrote this is their ‘Praise the Almighty S-Class’ pinned thread, where they claim that they will be available for F2P:
To get a legacy - You need that 5 star toon in your roster, 5 stars are easier to obtain than 6 stars. Most people still wouldn’t have the particular 5 star made legacy though. Also, if you do have the new legacy, you don’t lose a character.
To get an S Calss - You need 2 of that 6 star in your roster, if most people didn’t have a particular 5, whats the chances they have 2 of a particular 6 that is then released as an S-Class??? You lose one of said toons.

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I’ve been told I’m old and lame (true) and the kids don’t say this anymore but I literally can’t even.