S class princess

Just wondering if it is possible to get s class Princess yet?
I havent followed all the offers… But Im curious if mathematically she is attainable at this point.

A lot say close… But do any of you have her?

Yes. The VK buyers/hackers already have her.

The other players are better served waiting for her collectibles to drop in museum collections and/or events instead of overpaying to get her.

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nope, 425 teddies is a lot…i bought a couple offers and im at about 100 teddies…even if I splurged for the others, it wouldn’t have been meaningful progression. Not that I have the gear to put her to S class full anyways HAH

Seems like princess is going to be useless before anyone even gets her lol


I would say it’s very near possible if people spent quite a bit.

I have 100 bears.
I bought 2x 7.99 offer and 2x 4.99 offer.
And spent 6.5k coin (Tapjoy :slight_smile: on the arrow token bags.

Now imagine someone that bought every single offer available.
They would definitely be very close I think.

That’s what people said about Pete but he’s still an annoyance. Princess won’t be useless with Normalize, especially against payback/bide.

Close…but no cigar i think

This was definitely a shitty… yes I say SHITTY Christmas event.
Cost the players a lot to even keep up slightly, be it by offers, resources or coins.


Curious. What did you get from the tokens? I bought 2 bags, got 10,500 tokens, and from the results, it looks like a waste of time and coins. Of all the letters I got, one seemed to be needed. Not sure if the letters carry over otherwise, it serves as a bigger reason why I’m stockpiling my coins for the foreseeable future.

Princess synergies exceptionally well with Mercer. Facing teams with the 2 of them in war, even with it just being her 6 star version, was like trying to swim a river with lead boots.

Well the first 7.99 offer got me few hundred elf hats and 5 useless letters.
The second 7.99 2 useful letters and 1500 elf hats.
Definitely not worth the amount put in to it price wise.

The bags I bought out and got over 200k arrow tokens, spent half on one segment, finished all those premium words and spent other half few minutes ago and finished all these segments.

Plus I have enough tickets to run that 1 bear road map 9 more times.
And I have over 70 arrows, but that will require me to get 21 silver arrows if I want to run the arrow map.

Out of all the token pulls I have yet to pull quills or arrows on the wheel yet.

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I am at 200 bears been grinding like crazy in arenas and bought a few small offers and have 170 arrows but only 2 silver quils seems impossible to get more of them

if it was possible to get the quils with out rng I would be able to make it but very unlikely

I’ve seen SS of people who have her cards already I myself need little less than 200 bears to get her will probably be much less after this round of letter missions

But… Youve seen folks who had the sclass already?
Thats what Im curious of.

No not the toon just enough cards to get her

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There’s someone in my faction with her S class already

Feel a lot better. Thanks.

I have seen only one and surprise, surprise, it was from a russian faction

Lucky lucky
And they got all the bears then?

Yeah he said he hit 425 this morning

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