S Class Princess, Payback & Bide Counter is here

S Class Princess brings a lot of damage potential to the table with the first non RNG 1000% rush and it is to a LINE of enemies! Massive kill potential there.

But she also brings something new to the game: Normalize! this counters specialist skills and makes it as if a character who has that debuff no longer has one - Payback and Bide will no longer proc or build during those turns unless it is cleansed.

What do you think of Princess?

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Nice @Lockdown

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So it kills any specialist skill ?

it is basically impair for specialists.


This is beautiful tht payback bs should have never been in the game anyways.


No one is getting her to s-class without spending a fortune and for most f2p they won’t even get the lousy 5-star version of her with the hoops they expect us to grind through.

What a pathetic holiday event and the only thing more pathetic is the company behind it.

If I had the chance I would 100% feed the person or persons behind this “event” to the walkers without a second thought.

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No. Don’t feed the walkers.

I don’t even care about getting the gold bars anymore. Let alone this confusing mess.

U said u quit for God’s sake

is this confirmed for the naturalized skill or just speculation

Here is a shocker. They didnt. Like many others who have also said the same. Dont see why they need to get railed on every single response about it. Not aeris biggest fan but man people hold onto things literally forever

I hate being scammed

U have to watch the video to figure out

I skipped through it looking for actually game play of her but was just looking for proof so didnt listen to anything

Playing the wrong game then lol. The whole thing is a scam

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I love this is how I finally figured out what normalize does. And also hilarious that none of the guesses that I read about what it does were correct.

It’s way more powerful than anyone expected. Kills off so many different def strategies.


this is what alot of people have speculated what it does but I still havent seen any proof this is correct yet. I’ll get the 5* version in about an hour or to and ascend her to 6* straight away just to confirm it

I dont know, I’m halfway to the 5* already and haven’t spent a dime.

Nice video @Lockdown :wink:

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It only takes 5 bears to get 1 Princess, pretty easy for F2P