S class princess museum

I just noticed there isnt a collection to pull a 5 star princess, so if you dont 60 teddy bears now will you have to pull a princess at some point in premiers @GR.Scopely

From the event information on the blog.


425 Teddy Bears was absolutely a stretch to make. I understand we have to work for good merchandise but … let’s all be honest here. Not toxic, but honest…


I never expected the S class to be free, but ProTip: even at 6* she is a really good toon to have on attack. Ftp should not look at this event as p2w only - 10 teddy bears is doable.


Yup she is a great toon. All the cheaters that bought her S class from Vk and coin loaders that Scopely is doing nothing about can vouche for that.

If you have evidence of cheating, please report it using the information in that link.


This made me giggle. On point

If you got clear evidence of someone buying toons.

60 Teddy bears is totally doable f2p.

I think you can get 100 totally f2p with a little bit of grind.

As opposed to all the legit people that bought her S class direct from Scopely?

Phewie🤗 10 definitely doable thou for f2p

Technically yes .

so far at 40 bears ftp
spend around 10 arena tickets each stretch which helps
got most milestones, not that active on war
might be able to get to 60, depends on the milestones in the next week

She’s not useable thou as a 6*

if you only get enough teddy bears to get 1 princess this event, will you be able to get one anywhere else in the future ?

I have asked GR and DZ but as per usual i got a tumbleweed for a reply

I’m currently on 25 bears that 60 mark is looking further away but even as a 6 * princess is decent

Not what I am hearing. Can’t say I have tried.

I think the fundamental issue is that there is no collection to recieve a six star Princess, so we have to assume it would be added after the event. Otherwise work on your 60 bears and pray for the cards

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yup this is what a have asked for an answer on

Are they going to add a collection for the 6* version if not we can start ignoring this event once we have 10 bears

I already answered that in this thread with a screenshot of the info on the official blog: yes.

“S-Class Princess will remain attainable after the event ends. Please stay tuned for further communications to be provided at a later date.”

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Good i dont mind grinding as long as if i come up short there are grindable ways to attain the toon.