S class princess - how much REAL money?

Tried searching but can’t find it.

Has anyone worked through the ways to get teddy bears (my brain hurts trying to calculate it) to work out how many teddys (scopely’s appalling spelling, not mind) you need to buy and how much this will cost?

Nope just going to do the free stuff and see where we’re at, retirement here we come (closes wallet)


I’d reckon it would take about 2 weeks of grind to get 1. She doesn’t seem too difficult to obtain.

There’s not enough info to figure things out. I suspect you can get her for free if you don’t miss a single thing.

I don’t think you can get enough teddys f2p. It’s really confusing because the blog talks about items for some and number of teddy’s for other bits.

I’ve got three teddys so far. Well off the 425 to get all the collectibles.

Probably we can get 10 f2p :man_shrugging:t3:

My fac reckon we can get the 60 needed for 2 5* f2p, but I don’t see the other 365 anywhere handy.

All ride tickets (which you can get f2p if you have enough arena tickets saved up) in missions alone will give you 96 teddies. There are also some in other missions, the free roadmaps etc. So the total might be quite a bit higher, but it’s not yet possible to say by how much - e.g. there should be quills in levelup rank rewards, but how many and for which ranks is still open.

I doubt it will be close to getting her outright, but if you grind hard two 5* and some collectibles are probably possible.

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So far I paid 10$ to get 1 I’m going to ride the rest out for free and see where I end up. Shes very similar to her Sclass version at 6 stars so if I dont complete it so be it

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