“S” Class Premier toons poll

How do you feel about the new “S” class toons being added to the game.

  • It is a bad idea and it shouldn’t be in the game
  • It is a good idea and should be in the game

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Worst idea ever, just accelerating the decline of the game.


“S” toon makes all other toons look garbage in comparison. This is like the release of 6*s all over again. WE DONT WANT THIS


Don’t like it at all and it shouldn’t be in the game.

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I’d say to introduce when the meta is ready to advance up. But I barely have my foot in the door of Gen2 as it is


do u think scopley will care what we think or what this poll reasult will be . No right… than who cares S.class toon or 7* or even 8* toon are coming


Yeah,I’ve got Eric and thats the only gen2 i have,besides Douglas.

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nah we want more more more
make all the best toons s class
then release ss class!

super saiyan class


Okay @s1acker6, @Repentless,and @Wolfy
Why do S class toons need to be in the game?


The standard has already been set. Nobody gonna pull for much less then s class or better. Why would you? From the picture leaks there is more and better coming

Going to hate him when hordes is around…I mean every round

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If your sunsetting the game all these moves make sense. And il say it again no one is that bad at there job.

I thought they’re combining Specialist skills?
This is getting stupid.
What’s next Legendary weapons that give full Ap right from the start with rng of 1 in 1 billion?

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I just want my undead zombie dragon. WHERE IS MY VISERION?!?! 8* FTW


Its something new and it gives you something to try for. I’m not sure what impact they have on the game itself. I’m no gaming pro. But I like the idea.

Try for?

Herps with a hot girl? Try it see what happens. Oh my d fell off.

The dogtag cost of s-class toons should be increased from 26 to 32, and in addition all 5 stars should have their dogtag requirement reduced by 6. If that change was made, nothing else would have to change

I’m a girl. Why would I try for a girl? Lol.

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You would be correct if you did try for it. Instead you spend for it. I don’t see that changing for a long time either yet

I have bought survivors club 2 time dude. What you mean? Everything I have, I’ve earned. A year I’ve put into this and only bought SC once and a beta. Get it right. I earn what I have. Im no slacker. Lol