S-class pete roadmap help topic

So I didn’t screenshot act1 stage1 but I think it was all red rooms used blues & got through it OK, lost a couple to Sandy decap

Bryan, decap Sandy, Olivia, green Rick and Alice lead for me

Edit: Who I faced, not who I used

Act 1 stage 2

Again lost a couple to Axel decap. Pete useful toon his revive came in handy

Act 1 stage 3

Yay! More random roadmaps made out of spite against the community cause we would work together to get thru them, yay!


Act 1 stage 4

A total of 50 keys! Only need 10,950 more! F2P!!!


50 key for scopley @$$ open

Act 1 stage 5

This roadmap is nothing but an advert for this new toon and all the other new toons doc, Zachary, negan, raven so on. Said a while ago they were killing the game of milking the fools. Explain to me how I’m wrong?? Scopley doesn’t care…


Again, it’s ridiculous to face such strong teams WITH higher stats than you can even obtain them with. The characters themselves make a strong team. Buff their stats and it’s even worse. I’m of course talking about those who don’t have those types of toons trying to beat the stages. So crazy.

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I have said this many times it makes no sense also leaving the door open for hackers to use this to buff 2star toons to cheat. They have all the toons, modes, weapons. If the system is so good why can’t they just make teams like we do. Lazyness… They have everything there but hey hoo easy way out.

Act 2 stage 1

Act 2 stage 2

Guys I know people aren’t happy about the Pete situation but please can we keep this post tidy, just with help for the roadmap? There are already plenty of posts if you want to sound off about it.
So please only post here if you have any advice/tips or are looking for help with the roadmap.


Act 2 stage 3

Act 2 stage 4

Act 2 stage 5 (didn’t beat with this team)

Beat with this team

I used a faction mates zack and ran a team of Alice, lily, ajax gabe and zach to beat it