S Class pete is f2p

Prove me wrong here…but if you do the S class roadmap every day you get about 147…by that number if we multiply we would get about 75 days of roadmaps to get him witch is actuly pretty good…That may seem a long number but then again back in the 5 star era in order to get SR Zeke witch was a beast you needed to do se for about the same time…So I guess this is a good job done by scopes.

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And how do you get the torches for part 2 of roadmap


The roadmap is only running for 30 days, no longer! So your notion that he’s f2p is completely false!


sorry for Brusting ur Bubbles but this roadmap will only be for 30 days plus 2nd part of road map is not free and u hardly will be at 2k keys after 30 days while u need 11k keys.

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Level up …

totally f2p
just need to spend 1k on torches



you need 105 for complete stage 2 you get 30 every second day so no


nah br0 it’s f2p
just need to spend 1k on torches

f2p matee f2p

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so for a 30nday roadmap, in the last 5 days, how many times have tou completed the roadmap

how many keysbhave you got
multiple that by 6
does that equal 11k

if not keep survvioring f2p, keep survivoring

He is f2p. Free to pay


I dint knew the roadmap lasted only 30 days dont kill my soul


Yeah it’s only 30 days and you won’t get Pete just from doing it alone, but you can get a sizable amount of keys and there are other ways to get keys too.

Just keep getting them from maps, missions and war crates as you can and they’ll add up (pretty much the definition of grindable)

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even if it’s not 30 days
still take two to 3 years to get it

well it is f2p, cause u get keys from war crates, so maybe 2 years, that’s not bad

you provide us Opportunity to release anger by thanking and taking side of scopley and expecting people will leave ur soul easly … NO WAY hahaha

But still your math assumes you have 101 torches to use everyday and we only get a few from objectives so would take a ton of coins either way… and yea, roadmap gonna expire :man_shrugging:

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Scopely may cycle the key roadmaps with ice creams. GR said somewhere in the release that these characters would be obtained via grinding. We may just have to deal with month on, month off with the resource types at present. I may be looking at best case scenario but hey… Glass half full

“…solely from gameplay methods if they choose to do so…”. I’m taking that as grinding. Will just take ages.

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That would make it even worse, this month - Blue Keys, next month - Ice Creams, month after - Pineapples, month after that - Battleships… Means you’d have a fair few of each type but nowhere near enough of any particular one to actually get one.

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To the OP, since you’ve not considered the fact that you have to pay for torches to complete it, its like saying a suit is free because you bought it with £300 of gift cards (that you’d payed £300 for) rather than paying for it in cash.

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And to add to that scopley counts doing a 40 pull as grinning for it. Just look at the new loot box wheel. It’s like the stamp card for fast food places just spend x amount of money and get 500 keys free.

hahah i love this conversation plz continu…

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