S class Pete in Walker hordes

Every time I’ve fought S class Pete I lose. It is bullsh*t. This needs to be fixed.

Skip it, easy

If you could manually skip it wouldn’t be so bad. The three minute wait is pointless and irritating

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just enter the battle and leave thats it, and thats what i do

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If you can get a combo of these cards, try them. I use the heal reduction card on any of toons that revive/hp like pete and erika 3rd round, so they can’t heal themselves if/when AR pops, so they go down first. I’ve been about 89.23% effective in my diamond qualifier league since I pulled those cards.

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Doesn’t stop his AS for others thou

Right, but if you have kept the 3 most “dangerous” toons from gathering anymore hp, it’s quite effective. And with the taunt and elusive walkers as back up help. There is always some RNG involved, hence my 89.23% guesstimate. It’s just a suggestion for a way I’ve been getting through some pete teams, take it or leave it.

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yeah, is ridiculous
I have one, and I haven’t lost yet in defense hahaha

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