S class Pete in museum

Hello all,

Been out for a while just enquiring when did the blue key event start to get Pete and when does it finish?

What ways are there currently to get the keys apart from roadmaps,

Positive feedback please :slight_smile:

There is a daily roadmap that has a F2P world energy portion for a limited amount for keys, it also has another portion which you use matches as the energy which can be claimed from some event milestones and also bought. Potentially some raid tournaments will have crates that can drop with a chance at 20 or 200 keys. War crates can drop 20 keys. And they have started to include a chose of keys or ice cream cones($ Class Priya) as top 3 placement is some event awards. Might be a few other ways Iā€™m forgetting


The timer on his museum collections shows 335 days remaining


@Opie Thankyou bro your a diamond

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