S class Pete buff is here

Yea… just flee! At least you didn’t feel the effect of priya, this is absurd. Good job guys. Well done.

Pump him up with veteran rings too. This is just fantastic.

@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely


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His stats increase when he’s put into a team. Factors in his leadership skill and weapon. He will be over 10,000 hp

9298 is max defense and 10098 is max hp but only one or the other need 40% lead and 40% weapon with either hp or def modset and a max mod

Lol and throw 2 on a team with automatic 40% bonus hp


10412 is max hp* with 45% weapon

I think a slamming blue will still eat him lol

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Ha. Didn’t even think of double Pete. It’s just too much at this point. And will get worse with every release.

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Lmao these quality of life changes didn’t do shit for how the state of the game actually plays out. Lets buff the wheels with decent toons and buff the new ones to make them as useless as the old wheel.

Maybe we could try some reverse psychology and see if works, call sclass toons trash they get buffed, let call
weak f2p trash and see if we get a buff ( spoliers we get get hershel and maggie legacy def toons and garbo romo).


I like how this toon puts me, a 3 year vet, on the same ability level as a fresh download new player


This goes beyond a buff… I’m basically a liability at this point in my faction since I don’t have Pete.


Im basically a liability because i dont have diego or any atk toons worth shit on my main account. Basically its unplayable only way i can remotely hit on a whale account i just can’t hit 200k to save my life.


Shit ContentCreator Team

Isn’t it great how the goal posts keep moving afterwards. Buy this! no wait it’s this now!

Screw $1000-$2000 promos. Folks should just spend a few coin on repairs it’s way cheaper lol


This is in the efforts of boosting ego for competition and company greed. “Hey u lost this war we buffed pete so u can win next war but it’ll cost ya”

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:joy::joy::joy: So funny. 2 years to update, 12 hours to outdate. Can we get another wheel update again?


I reallllly don’t understand where they thing they are going with these S Class toons. Just driving away any semblance of competition. And if players can’t compete, why spend? Thanks for the Elle promo lol


Come join us :joy:

Speaking of this ive been playing for over 2 years and theres a guy tht has been playing just about a year has a s11+ in my region. Good way to treat loyal players.

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There is no way around it at this point - they are intentionally trolling the player base.
Defeat that in a 3 minute raid without an S Class Priya? No chance. They just destroyed raids.