S Class Pamela?

I found this on Discord and it’s like WOW wtf is going on? There is no S Class Pamela till now, even not any Leaks of her…

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You are trolling right?

tbf who is the lead toon because if you do zoom in on the 2nd pick it does have purple stars as the lead. but then again I have just woke up so could be missing something

No it’s like Oldmen said Look and Zoom into second Pic and you See she got purple Stars. Means she is a S Class.
And her Visual Design is not like the 6 Star or below. The fact she is not available till now, even there is no leak of her made me rly worry.
And beside the Design the 6 star has a bounded wep, even after a swap it would still Look like the Hammer she got

did you get a ss of her card? and why does she have 100% stun resist when axel only gives it when he is lead

No i just ask the same in Discord. Take a Screenshot of her card.

oh is that not your match up then ?

Lol :joy: No.

hopefully they will go back and get the ss then

Yeah i am rly interested, too.
And good side is Link replied rly fast to this

Must be her skill bc Axel only give Stun Resi as Lead. We forget about Bud^^

Scoeply seeing this

Maybe vk is starting to make there own toons and people are buying them lol

I’m awake at weird times lol

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Are you a vampire

closer to a werewolf i think?

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I mean I found a leak of her but nobody should have her… that’s weird.

Hey guys I’m closing this thread. Scopely is aware.

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