S class oke doke

Do not fall for this “free S class Oke doke. All this does is gives scopely the chance to open the flood gates with Premium S class toons and they will say " we gave you a freebie”. If it takes Ftp 88 days they will probably have dropped 7 or 8 S classes to that one they give for free. Not to mention that’s only one toon other players could well have a full S class roster by the time we have 1.


As soon as people start thanking Scopley is when they start being shitty again


It could be worse. In 3 months we could have no S Class and they could have pumped out 10 within that time.


At least it is something, I’m at least grateful and excited for the event.


There are a lot of people who are absolutely excited to get this character. My two baby accounts will benefit greatly. I’m sure there are more people in that boat them that she has worthless boat or he is worthless boat.


Too little, too late. I know a place where they can shove this! Legacy toons should become ascendable S class toons, but I guess that is too hard to accomplish. The Stockholm syndrome is alive and well, SMH.


This road map you need to complete has not been released. For all we know it could be s10 road map or require special items to progress.

The s class will be “free” at a cost for sure. Look at the 4 year event.


Exactly everyone starts out excited then reality of the event sets in and people start seeing they arent gonna get the toon then comes the meltdowns.


Grateful and realistic are two separate concepts. Yes give us a free S class, but it shows how out of touch this game is with it’s player base. We still don’t have a roadmap for 6 star gear now we have an S class grind to worry about. I give scopely credit when it’s due Arenas is amazing especially drafts, they have great ideas, but some of their practices are questionable. For instance the scavenager hunt none of those rewards have been relevant for the last 2 years. Why work backwards? When you drop S class 6 stars instantly became less valuable so give us ways to level them up without doing 2 days worth of trainers in addition to grinding for S class toons.

Let it be s10, s class toons jump your rating to a s12 if your s9++ lol

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The issue here is we rarely got any ascendable gen 2 characters. If it’s the same with s class, history will repeat itself.

This is a tactic to make us forget that we never got the gen 2 toons and we skipped straight to S Class. They will feed us 2 or 3 over the next 4 months while they pump out premium S Class toons every 2 weeks. It will end up being a horrible ratio of like 7 to 1 and the gap will further widen

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I know you have been playing this game long enough to realize that people who spend a.k.a. pay the companies bills get the steak. People that do the minimum get the peas. You didn’t go buy a house thinking that everybody that thought they deserve one around you would get it for free just because you had a nice house right? Think about that…

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That’s exactly my point Duffy!

What in the world are you talking about there are not free houses at all so that analogy doesn’t apply to this game which gives you the chance to get free toons!

Bingo! You get it, there are no free houses. How would the builders make money? The analogy is absolutely perfect. Why should people that expect something free get the same thing as somebody who pays for it? Good game

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Nice attempt to recover that analogy, but I’m not trying to hear none of that.

It wasn’t recovery my friend it was exactly what it was supposed to be. Would you rather I use cars, clothing or what would you prefer next time you have your hand out expecting what I pay for for free?

7 or 8? Don’t kid yourself. Those are rookie numbers for Scopely.

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Easiest way they could have done the free Sclass would be to release the next legacy toon as an S class. No need to give us a free one only make us have to grind for months to level up the toon while they release new S class every week. By the time the free toon is t4 there will be way more toons released and the gap between ftp will still be there or greater