S-class no longer for F2P

Ok this is my opinion on the road Scopely are going down, if you notice in the museum Prince and Mercer now only have S-class versions and the only way to get the 5-6* version is to pull, what do you all think, bare in mind Scopes clearly said everyone would be able to get these toons by playing alone🤷🏼‍♂️


There’s a 5* there

5 mercer is there but princess is not. Thats why i thibk this event now is the only way we can get 2 6* princess

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Ok mine only has the s-class, ty all

Getting a 5* Princess is not hard but I agree to a point that the toons are difficult to get if you have a life and can’t grind out.


I think what it will really come down to is the availability of the cards for F2P. We’ve seen that not all cards are available in the daily map for example. This is what really stifles F2P. And of course access to the red velvet cake collections. It’s such a slow grind, even if F2P finally gets 1 s class character, spenders have 3 or more for every 1 F2P has. This is why F2P feels so hopeless right now.



I’d rather this them starting as 6 star then 5 stars cause leveling them up is no fun at all n yet they keep pumping more out grrrrr.

Everyone and grandma has enough 5 stars and we need 2 to make 6 stars then get those 6stars together and make S-class. The whole thing is a gimmick.
The kicker is not every 5star and 6star can become S-class.
update the lists in game and show the S-classes and get rid of the old 6 star tower.
It’s poor management.

The truth is even before S class, f2p had a disadvantage. Premier characters were always better than anything you got for free. Even in the 5* era it was the same, new premier chars were always the best to roll with. That will never change it is best if you make your peace with that fact. It is a game for you but a business for them, if you could build a free team that can take on anyone in 3 turns, what exactly would drive anyone to spend cash on any promo wheels?
In order to be able to make money they need to provide an advantage to the ones that willing to spend, othervise they would not spend.
I understand you feel like you are not getting anything, but lets be frank here, in life what exactly do you expect for free? Sport car, free house, free food, free travel? Nothing is free in this world my friend. You have to pay for everything, you have to work for everything. If you dont work and rely on benefits your quality of life will not be on the same level as someone who works his/her butt off.

Princess will be available after the event. Just currently, she’s only available during the event. It’s not any different as to how whenever a new S-class is released, it takes a while for their cards to appear in the daily roadmap/event choice boxes.

Her cards might be available after the event but if they dont put a collection for 6* princess in the museum, if u dont get the 2 6s now you cant get her

Except what makes you think her 5*s won’t be available in the near future as a museum collection?

Although most of what you say is true and I agree with you…I respectfully disagree in one thing. Giving absolute advantage in a game to a high spender is not the only way that the game can create money nor a bigger player base(both are associated)…there are 3 main strategies and methods to create high income from microtransactions in a game and trust me that just making it P2W is just one of them but definitely not the most effective one without the others. Is not about just accepting this mistake from them but joining forces to encourage the game to improve. Thanks bro

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