S class Museum exchange

Permanent slider in the museum 2-1 exchange for me

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They should make any s-class collectibles exchangeable since we get them by rng

mhm I can get behind this - good brainstorm on it

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Knowing Scopely they’ll most likely go with RNG exchange at RNG rate.

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Should be something like 2:1 exchange

  • -2 + —> 1
  • -4 + —> 2 etc etc.
    In first window pick item you want exchange, in second, item you want get

Like when we sell gears etc.

Even in new building or museum. But probably too hard to implement in game.

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I’d actually add in maybe less of a newer shard/ card. Like they did with the daiyu cards at one point. Was 10 of all the rest or 20 daiyu.

Could even drop it down to 1000 trade in for 250 of a newer shard if the older ones trade in for 500. Again, allowing for another choice, albeit at a greater cost.

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I like that as well. So if you want the newest of the new trade in more of the old, or wait. Decisions for player then

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But it’s not like they’re free, new shards or not you have had to earn/pay for them, why not 1:1

Because pete and laopo are not on the same level as some of the new characters. If the new characters now and in the future were more balanced then a 1:1 ratio would probably work. But with what toon is “desired” and what is not … I’d rather not see Mercer princess angel priya priya with rampage on priya for every defence team or something similar

In other games, once the limit of usable amount is reached, all those shards will be changed to a currency that can be used to exchange other shards. e.g. once you received up to 11000 keys, further keys received will be changed to a specific tokens for buying other s-class collectibles.

There is no balance here

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