S class Museum exchange

There should be an EVEN exchange for these items, same with gear of the same group. We shouldn’t be penalized because these people are too lazy to make everything choice boxes.

Whatever you do, the whales will have more shards than you. And I haven’t seen too many good attack s class toons. They really aren’t all they’re hyped up to be.

Lol. What wave are you in?

The s classes aren’t all they’re hyped up to be wave.

You obviously haven’t met Mercer yet…or Priya somehow

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Keys are not equal to princess cards though, the toons are very much different. S class toons are staggered on release for a reason and part of its to not flood the market too fast. The territories 100% sure be choice boxes - similar to how the torch roadmap is, but if every event was a choice box at the end -> raids, level up, Sr etc the gap that we should be trying to close only gets larger.

Right now there is no system to change shards from 1 to another and there is 0 value to holding them. Some value is better than none.

Toons that are released later will be better, it’s how you sell things. Still needs to be balance of some sort and some fairness.

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Come to A1. Where players are winning in turn 1 with basic attacks.

Still beating them with 6*s which is more than my fac mates manage with priya.

I’m good thanks.

This is true and so sad too :frowning:

Hey the whales will but having options. I would be happy to exchange 1000 keys for 500 Mercer cards. Would love it more if it was 1000 keys for 1000 cards but this isn’t really a fair exchange. Balance is key and as others have mentioned there are some terrifying S class attack teams and toons out there

What can you expect when the company puts in OP game features like this new armory so that they can start working on S Class Gen 2 toons with higher stats to offset these weapons and relegate all the thousands players spent on toons like Pete?

Rinse and repeat.

Rinse repeat ca-ching?$$

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You’re not going to come up against « terrifying » s class teams other than the occasional mismatch in war if you don’t have the s class roster to match. S class is a load of hype and you’re pedalling it.

Don’t agree with the diminishing returns. It took us as much effort 3 months ago to get shards as it does now. 1000 for any 500 is a decent trade value.

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Uhhhh I think we may play in different areas. I play in a 1a region, qualified for WoC and the majority of teams I see and face are riddled with s class toons. I myself only have priya, James, angel and kapoor as an s class toon. S class toons are beasts on attack (christa, priya, James, aarav, princess) and some defensive beasts too

Again just an idea - I just can’t see how we can make 1000 keys = 1000 s class Mercer cards for example. It’s like in the 6* day saying yellow negan = zach or doc Stevens.

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No I agree that it needs to be a 2:1 but a 2:1 for any collectable, not a 2:1 for Laopo but a 4:1 for Mercer

Gotcha, and I think it would have to be a limitation on how many times in the museum you can trade in / frequency of trade ins - basically a method to still control it. Else someone trading in 1000 keys, 1000 bullets etc the stuff that’s been around longer will just be your brand new s class princess etc. Still needs a bottleneck to stop the consistent meta / op teams from proliferating

Then just make sure the most 2 or 3 recent releases aren’t included as an option. That’d solve that issue immediately.

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