S class Museum exchange

I know in the past we had one museum offer where you could exchange I believe 1000 blue keys for 500 other s class items. I would like to see this return maybe on a biweekly or monthly basis where:

1000 keys -> 500 s class shard choice box of the next 2-3 s class items that came out
1000 chocolate cakes > 500 s class shard choice box of the next 2-3 s class items that came out


This way, 1000 blue keys isn’t 500 Mercer cards (so you need to get the older s class items before the newer ones) this method would help keep some balance in the exchange.

It would allow players to use extra items they’ve collected and still compete in events without collecting currently useless items to some players. It would also allow other players who may be angling for another toon more so than the others to work and divert resources to one item.

Would love to hear other people’s ideas too


they should just eliminate RNG and make everything a choice box


We don’t need all these different shards. Or the stupid volumes to collect.

Pete’s blue keys are a bit different because you need to collect a random amount compared to other toons and it goes straight to s class, but the rest are pretty constant. 2k to get a 5*, 6k to s class them up.

Just make everything choice boxes and give us one new shard going forward unless it’s a special one off event-related toon (like princess should have been).

Keep it simple. Don’t keep making it worse by adding even more new things.


Jmho , Maybe just s class tokens and a choice of toon etc

Or for every collectable as I have some guo cards that I will never use and some laopo cakes but I already have one of them

With territory being random items something is definitely needed for items you don’t need or won’t use


Some rng is needed but not to the extent it’s at like these 6* territories with the random boxes. Getting random items that I may or may not need :confused:

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Only problem is with the universal one, then the “whales” who win multiple events will always have s class after s class making the gap bigger imo. I thought about a universal shard / choice box and realized it’s too easily manipulated


Mhm right, when the toon comes around again maybe… that way it’s predictable and people can save to their advantage


The whales are already doing this

This. A weekly exchange of collectibles. New pair/combination of collectibles each week.

Like 750 blue keys + 250 bullets for 500 vanilla cakes.

Or make in a three-shard requirement: 500a + 250b + 250c for 500d.

More incentive to collect all the possible shards. Which leads to more active playing and sometimes spending.

But less so when say the last event was for 1000 blue keys I think? If it was I can save 1000 blue keys and get 500 Mercer cards or the next s class, it’s too direct.

Need pathways per say so that everyone has a chance to change over items but not so it creates a larger and larger gap

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And the Armory token territories isn’t enough to do shit

So few tokens :confused:

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By giving a 50% payback they are already balancing it…I also don’t agree with that conversion.

Considering all shards are earnt the same way I don’t know why we can just have a simple 1 to 1 swap…especially with the stupid territory rewards boxes that don’t even give a choice…a random option is pathetic considering people are focusing on certain toons as they have already grinded to get others.

@GR.Scopely a simple 1 to 1 conversion please :slight_smile:

Universal is impossible and a bad idea. But I agree something needs to be done. If players already claimed both S class Priyas, then the faction level up this weekend was useless and a waste. Who wants to play for rewards they can’t use? I don’t think scopely wants players to skip events. That’s illogical.

They need to add an S class store. One where you can use S class items to purchase other items at the very least. Some refills, some trainers, some gear and some S class collectibles at a worse rate. Simple solution really.


Well then you need to quit complaining about getting too many of one shard and not enough of the others. You can’t have it both ways.

All I’m looking for is some balance. I only have a few s class toons myself. Right now if I could I would definitely switch my pete keys (who I don’t have) my laopo cakes (don’t have s class here either) etc for s class Mercer cards. But should I have him this early? No probably not.

I myself push in events when I need shards and don’t as much when I don’t. It’s about finding balance as I’ve mentioned.

A universal s class shard is unlikely to happen seeing as each s class outshines the last. Especially when we compare Pete to someone like wangfa, princess, daiyu and Mercer.

It’s an example of one and it’s better than the no conversion we currently have. I mentioned this in another message that it’s hard to compare 1 pete key = 1 princess card. Or laopo to wangfa. Each s class is different but unfortunately a lot of the balance between them becomes lost the deeper we get. If the toons were made more equally - different but equal 1 to 1 would be best, but unfortunately it’s not.

I agree the territories is just a bad idea since many players are getting shards that have 0 value to them currently

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War store first! Then s class store maybe lol.

Ever growing list of things to add and update. To keep players engaged definitely need relevant prizes