S Class Mr. Liu, New Payback Specialist

Many in wave 1 already had it for this war according to my sources, here in wave 2 a partner already took it out but only ascending, he is leveling it.

I haven’t found him to be hard at all

Mighty hard behind Aaron and Frost! I hate him :frowning:

Try facing jacki lead, trader, liu, double Tanyas and tell me it’s easy lol. Or some combination of jacki, liu, trader and pete with cleanse, tanya. Have also seen jacki, shane, trader, liu, tanya

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Those are easy…

Just flee - don’t even have to think for a second lol

I dont have to hard of a time against jacki leads my only problem against most higher facs is I’m out to quick to do any damage to them idk what’s the most common attack teams for top people but its ridiculous how fast no matter the def for them

Hes a good defensive toon especially when surrounded by trader, jacki, Imani and tanya. You could even throw shane in there and it’ll be a hard team to beat.

Lol. Like Priya did, then Mercer did, then Trader did.

I wonder how people feel about him now since he has completely shifted the meta.

uhhhh wtf? how does that happen?

There are way better ways to utilize multiple Mr. Lius lol… All it takes is one Mercer/Arrav active to cleanse all that bleed.

You need contingencies to control those characters that can easily ruin the strrategy.