S Class Morgan, New BIDE 2 Specialist

Morgan will get an S Class in the next promo and will also bring an upgrade to a specialist skill: BIDE -> BIDE 2!

Bide 2 will now base the stored damage off of the max HP of the character rather than a flat 2,000 but reflect at the same multiplier at x1.5 - the storage capacity of a Bide 2 character will be 30% of their max HP this means that a character with 10,000 HP will store up to 3,000 incoming damage and deal out 4,500 - a big boost over Bide 1.0

What do you think of Bide 2?


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Oh look - Blue :expressionless:

Don’t have that many blue defense team characters and they did just release a Javi with tough on lead, this should be expected.

I forgot he was a blue lead. The Attack down lead syncs very well with Morgans attack up block. As does the hp and def boosts too for obvious reasons.

will rosita also receive bide 2?


Javi desperately needs a healer of sorts in strong/tough, guess we shall see what happens.

Frost is pretty good in that role tbf if you mod and craft him for ap on being attacked, although you would then be sacrificing the shield.

yea but that wont counter infection as he is slow to get it off, which is a big weak spot atm for that team I feel.

Aye fair, probably one in the pipeworks. Aside from Alpha and Rick, high quality Greens are a rarity so I hope it will be green not blue.

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Voted underpowered…

Why isn’t that a 50% of max HP at the very least??? Imagine a Bide2 on draft arena… Morgan is at 4.6k HP when fully maxed, has no HP on his weapon, will get no lead boost. Bam - he has a 1.4k Bide storage, 2.1k damage - even less than the Bide I toons can sport. Pitiful… Also, the beauty of bide isn’t in the “reflect” damage onto the attacker that fills the bide meter (I used guardian shielded toons for that since Elle made an appearance), but the manual deployment of an unmitigable (well, except bodyguard and vitality/dexterity) damage through defending… having a higher tank would really make a difference!

Also, I’d expect his weapon to gain 25% (bonus) HP instead of AP, similar to Holly/William… yes, he gets bonus HP on rush and active, but extra survivability would pay off better (looking at you, onslaught no-rush bonus)…

I don’t think he’s that great to be honest.
Always thought bide was kinda overrated.

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Yeah, I laughed at Bide all the way through Elle’s introductory roadmap with my green team of Abe, Amber, Solange and double Kals… You see how the meter fills up, all you need to do is time your atk to kill the toon (no bide triggered) or hit it with a shielded toon (bide wasted). Yes, reflect mods/weapons can help remove shield, but the chance is minor and doesn’t trigger against rushes (or Negan now - Bide doesn’t either, for that matter).
Now with S-class Stats, you don’t have to bother as all that Bide can do is fill your AP meter…

The sole good thing with Bide was the manual trigger, nothing else…

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Because then it would only happen once before he was taken down unless he got healed. With 30% it will happen up to 3 times even without heals.

On def you can change his weapon, he is not much of an attacking character, as he is pretty slow.

When he rushes he gets 50% Bonus HP but also gets meter gain from taunt and the control stops more dangerous potential - dont think many would take Bonus HP over AP given the rest of his kit.

You must have only come up against Bide in roadmaps because it was extremely powerful in the 6* era. Bide 2 is a step up in the S Class era for sure and a properly kitted out Morgan will be pretty disgusting to deal with.

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yeah i just used guardian shield zeke and never died to bide lol

I only see him mediocre at best…i am happy that prom is not too op but he seem really underwhelming… …
I will rate his rush 3-4/10 because it is so conditional also it doesn’t clear already existing buffs and focus being given by many toon that taunt doesn’t seems that good and its only 1 turn …also def down will easily counter hin atk up block… and best thing about about him is his active … removing focus helps his taunt from rush but just 2 enemy really is too week it should at least have been to 3-4 enemy but not more. …and recover is really good which can help alot but might kill him from trauma…and 50%bonus ho is also really good … i really like the active …so i wil give it 8/10… and his weapon is good but really bad for him because his rush is not so threatening so gaining ap is not that big of a problem .and it just 25% chance to gain 25% ap which you will generally need to get lucky 4 times to gain fullap from 0 excluding ap on taking damage…at last his BIDE II looks good … i like it

Overall i will give him 4-5/10…i will say he is really weak and i can only think of one team where he will shine really well…is with Javier lead , frost princess…
Except that team i really don’t see him being really good yet … they might bring some toons to make him good but we don’t know…:slightly_smiling_face:

Morgan Scarr babay!

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Nice to see some variety in toons other than just another attack/def lead that either is now the best or not worth it.

I’m not so keen, and so glad promo, because he feels like a lot of effort to set up and most people already have a way to deal with him (Princess) or will soon ftp bear slap him (Bear: what’s all that bonus hp about Morgan because I’ve got 400% bonus attack because your hp is so low, thanks for the AP gain and follow up so I can destroy the rest of your team)

Oh.This guy sucks

Come again? Well, I did not play ultra competitively, but in my region raids, I’ve been coming across the Elles and more importantly Camerons, though only Cam goy an appearance in my wars. He was a threat because of his taunt loop, not because of Bide, tho…

And again, all you need is a good Guardian II and can ignore Bide…

Great! That’s 3 toons then that get their AP filled and live to wreak havic on your team… I stand by my opinion that Bide is a really powerful tactical option to trigger manually, but otherwise - nothing special

Morgan and Rosita behind Aaron lead will be painful… If you are lucky enough to normalize both of them with Princess, but Morgan resist the taunt control he will recover, a big problem to face