S Class Mercer, Stun 5 on leader skill - Bad direction?

S Class Mercer will be the next promo character and the first obvious stand out is that he stuns 5 with his leader skill for 1 turn. This is the first complete control on a leader skill to come into the game and could lead on the different types and enhanced versions - taunt, confuse, impair, 2 turns, 3 turns etc.

However he also is countering quite a niche part of the game and that is bleed teams with his active skill with the majority of people who use these teams being high spenders. It can be dazed however the reliance on Priya is becoming too high and the need to bring more daze weapons into the game to provide attack team diversity is required.

Complete Control Leader Skills, Do you want them? (Stun, Taunt etc.)

  • Yes
  • No

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Confuse all first turn would be pretty hilarious.


Obviously designed to get the whales spending. Not surprised at all.

The game has not shown any semblance of balance since the very early days of the 6-star reset.

If you want to win then pay. Thats the scipely way. If you possess a brain then don’t and hold on to your money instead of wasting it on them.


Surprised you didn’t mention he’s the first S class toon that you can pull from the wheel.


They dug this poopie hole and have nowhere to go

Can you ffs so he will be directly for sale

I think it will get worse, taunt, confuse, impair all for 2, 3, 4 turns, etc as lead skills. They have to keep upping it to keep the spenders spending.


Yes according to VK. Can pull five star, six star and s class.

Omg if that’s true @Parker @LadyGeek @Brucey @GR.Scopely is it

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I’d say bad direction, it’s like they made ambush part of a leader skill and I remember how much people whined and complained at that. The skills isn’t crazy, the crazy comes from what it will be sorrounded by


If that is true Scopely’s Christmas party budget would be huuuuuuuge))

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There getting desperate for money, lies dont sit well with me😡

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Knew it was a matter of time.


No idea if that is a bug or not, would make a seperate video for that topic if it comes to pass.

Lying unts😂

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Name the last time Vk was wrong lol

I mean they sell cheats, so they are wrong every day :wink:


Selling S class directly means that the whole “collectibles” stuff is basically for f2p only. Meaning: no such milestones or rewards

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I’m going to wait and see

No idea if true but would be disappointing and almost embarrassing, if after having moved to a shard-based system, the first to become impatient with it were the devs themselves…