Holy crap


Oof, pretty brutal lol this company definitely knows what sells. No screens of his ar and all that?

Green marlon, therefore a not the legacy one.


Everything else on him is TBD


We also have Kapoor who sucks


war toon is going be so trash lmao

War toon is one of them, who? We don’t know, but they are all insane except kapoor

Kapoor will be another flag toon but i think its aarav cant make them to good now can they

Aarav is straight up overpowered as his 6* version gives +100% ap on rush+ follow up I doubt it’s him but we’ll see

So does fast gov but he only slows team down.

Yeah, but aarav deals damage, 450% to a line on his 6 star, so probably like 600% on his sclass

Kapoor ain’t insane as a 6*
Most likely the free one is Marlon
Since he don’t have a 5 or 6 version
But Im keeping an eye on kapoor for a diff reason
Reason beingnis first off
You have to get his 5* red. Kites and 2 other maxed 6*
So how do we get the s class
2 kapoors
Well we. Can’t get 2 kapoors
Because you can only claim 1 duel specialist collection
His s class version could be 3000 maim to one
And a much higer def buff
Just saying
Aaraw and guo are. Def promos
Sheldon Black version of Gerald who becomes a school… bleeeeep

they can also just break the rules for kapoor and make him dual specialist but no need of kites or 2 different 6* star toons, there’s a lot of possibilities, but we’ll see

Well, we have only one tenacity 6* Toon.

Well, they need to produce one every other week

As garbage as Kapoor looks AR wise, it would be kinda cool to have a Kapoor toon.

Big oof .

Are there any more leaks?

Three s class(Marlon and Rosie, Kapoor and secretary guo), a yellow follow up toon (Aarav) and red head hunter toon (Sheldon)

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Proofs or the other three don’t exist.