S Class Marcus, Tough + Strong Attack Leader

The next promo will be S Class Marcus who is the first leader in the S Class era to give attack % to both Tough and Strong characters which will be extra useful against Jacki defense teams.

He also has big boosts to %DMG on his active skill that can boost your already heavily kitted out tough characters like Priya and Princess to do insane levels of damage.

The only problem, right now, is that there are not too many strong characters in the game that can take advantage of that leader skill so expect some heavy hitting strong characters to come to work next to Marcus.

What do you think of usefulness of Marcus’ leader skill?


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Meh. You still need confuse resist on all of your toons with this leader to go up against Jacki. A lot of people use Jacki as a turn 1 defense team like Mercer if they don’t have double trader. You be dead in that case. I like his active skill though.

Yea that is what the lead is for to combo the likes of Michonne with Priya and Princess and < insert future Tough / Strong >

Honestly this should of just have been the league character. He isnt great but isnt bad either allowing f2p greens to be used with blues. Priya is better as lead for top tier teams but for f2p is really nice. This lead against other parentage leads is great with 50 not just another 40. If your going aganist rng teams use rng leads to counter not need to use this guy against them


yea imo should been f2p nothing impressive about him at all except active skill. He could have atleast had all focus for 1 turn or a forcs to all weapon.

What’s the next Gold Brick’s toon? We’re still waiting to hear

Nice damage dealer to use behind Priya, but not great to use as leader thanks to the lack of powerful strong fighters, except James, Michonne and Alpha, but these last two still premium toons and far way to be accessible. Before somebody say “but, but, Mateo, Rick, Carrie Ann” these are support role fighters.

Makes sense he is a promo cos all the decent greens are too

On paper looks ok but attack up stacks, pair Marcus with any def down toon few green ones out there will cut threw teams like butter (even a few 6stars) And now michonnes just got a tag team partner for jacki teams. Its all about the natural ap gain rushes to so angel/lopo teams dont bite back either.

It just brings back them teams like shawn in the 6stars days earlier s’class ones.

For onslaught and big scores he shines. Because the last load of premium toons have been so over the top he just seems weak.

Yup this is just filler til the Jacki counter comes out

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Jacki counter’s already here. Green Alpha and Michonne

Just filler til the Trader counter then!

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Tbf he is the closest to a Trader counter with Daze and Impair to a line, being blue and being able to give himself +75% attack and then AR with 750% damage on turn 2 with a doc and command.

Still not ideal - but that’s because Trader is a ridiculous toon and even more people will realise this after this raid event.

Oh shoot was hoping this new toon is the very first “Disinfectant” counter for Trader… I guess not oh well keep on surviving :joy::rofl::laughing:

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