S class map expires soon

Is the s class map a 1 time thing? Or will another pop up when it expires?

Dont expect an official answer, but if i were u id save the candles

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They probably comes with war

@Blondie @VaultBreaker

The S-Class map is currently scheduled to be a daily roadmap and recurring for a month.



Why cant u adress this when the map comes out?


Before the map comes out what is happening with this company

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A daily map you say? For the next month you say?
Ok let’s do some math here:
It takes 4k keys to get a S-class character at the 5* ascendable level.
You can get a total of 126 keys from the daily map… (that’s only if you can get all the “ingredients” to even play it… ie: torches)
Total amount of keys earned per month:
Months with 30: 3780 keys
Months with 31: 3906 keys
February: 3402

No matter what, it will take a player over a month to get a new S-class character… And that’s only IF the player gets everything needed to gather said keys!!!
So if this new “awesome” roadmap only lasts a month… then no one… Not a single person, should have the new S-CLASS character. Oh wait… I almost forgot. … You’re going to sell this stuff in offers right?
Dude, go wipe your chin… There’s a little bit of scopely running down it.

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You’ll be lucky to run and beat it once a week, maybe twice

They’re not gonna provide you enough torches

4000 keys for 5* version and now you need 2 maxed 6* and more consumable blue keys to exchange them for S class Pete with the new method of getting S class toons.

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It is ridiculous to release a road map like this with zero information about it.

It’s also getting ridiculous how we are having to play the guessing game as to whether that S9++ stage is walkers or humans. With such limited energy, withholding this information is just another slap in the face from scopely.

Also, i don’t mind including SR zombies in the regular stages, but at least have the “boss bar” above them. It gets annoying to have to check them manually over and over.


You didn’t answer the question about how we get more torches?

@Rickygrimes - We will be proposing offers for torches before the time left on the roadmap runs out.


Here‘s your answer :joy::joy::joy:

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So scopely lied about s class maps being grindable?? Shocked. Not.

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Then fk s class, f2p cant obtain them lololo


Technically they did not.
You can grind every day a new on a new map, if you‘re willing to pay :man_shrugging::man_facepalming::joy:

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And I called it.

You say OFFER I hear EXTORT.

Don’t forget you need TWO of the maxed out regular 6* versions to get the Shite Class version :joy:

Yeah I know… I was simply saying what it takes to get 1 5* ascendable.

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