S class makes me happy

Just got Priya! :grin: Also have two T4 Heng Yen and Lao Po, just need a few more cakes but i should have them in a week. Thinking of going for Aarav or Raulito next, who do you think i should go for? And what have some of you done with Priyas weapon? Was thinking of huge bonus when attacking, 40% attack, upgrade to 5*, 50% attack and then idk about the 4th slot but was prob gonna just put 30% HP.


def go for raulito. raulito is a beast as a s class


Raulito. I have him and really like him. I’m getting Aarav since I’m only 300 away from it. But yeah, I love Raul. Congrats on s class priya! So happy 4 you!

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Put the amplification 4 on her bazooka after you 5* her weapon, and with a diego on the team she can wipe. However, I’d also run an elusive because she can charge AP with it.
Congrats on her! Really enjoy using her

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Behind Deigo i can run Priya and Moira who has elusive.

I use this one. When priya rushes, which is usually after I command diego, she can wipe full teams. It’s really fun

Get a second priya

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im got her to today​:grin::grin:


Nice congratulations Pal got laopo S- Class on Thursday!


Congrats buddy, got my pete personally


This is fun. But the splash causes ap gain. Ways to mitigate that though


That’s why I run raven on my team. Elusive let’s her hit hard with no repercussions

I tried it without raven, Diego dies turn 1

Priya and Hengyen work very well together I find.

If not going Yellow-Blue, Diego is probably the way to go as others have mentioned.

I’d go for Guo next. Opens up so many options for you.

Btw is that 2 Sclass T4 Hengyens or 2 6star T4 Hengyen’s? I ask because he is probably the second toon that benefits most from being Sclassed (Guo being 1st), in regards to upgraded AR and AS.

6* Heng yens that i will get the s-class next week.

He’s so good when Sclassed. I have replaced his crit on the weapon with attack.

try and get the 100% crit in 4th slot for him

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