S Class level items

Please find a way to make limited run S class upgrade items available. For instance, S class Marlon and Rosie require green bandanas, and there is no way to get more to keep upgrading this character.

I think all upgrade items should be available in the same way that daggers and rotting heads are available.

Another alternative would be to stop requiring special items to upgrade S Class characters. For instance Pete and Ivanova require regular items to upgrade.


Ivanova requires league gear after tier one.


oh well so much for that. my suggestion stands, all characters should be fully upgradable even by f2p players.

I might be wrong but I thought you could only get Marlon and Rosie during an event that gave out the bandanas? I remember it being a lot easier than most. I guess my question is how’d you get the toon? If they’re still giving them out or are on a wheel there should be some way to earn the green bandanas.

Personally I like the toon specific gear because it saves on the normal stuff.


it was some kind of event, I think they just gave you Marlon and the event was to grind for bandanas. I have some, but they haven’t been available since that event and I would like to be able to tier up Marlon more.

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Best way to grind gear is making 2.5 million in level up 3 weeks and buy gear with league token each week

You will be able to get all gear you need to max up to 2 s class

that is true for league gear. what about the green/blue/black flags that michonne used? the green bandanas that Marlon uses?

those specialty gears need to be available somehow

Marlon and Rosie were an event toon. The gear used to upgrade were also only obtainable through that event. If I remember correctly, Scopley reused a Museum item and just about everyone that has played for a while was able to instantly claim all of the upgrade gear for Marlon. Sorry you missed out.


I had hope that the bandana’s were going to turn up in the supply Depot like Sleeping bags and pocket knives. It seems mean to not make them available, especially now the event has passed some time ago. The game must be full of Tier 2 Marlon and Rosie’s that cannot be upgraded any further.


that is the condition I would like to remedy. what good does it do for anyone when Scopely gives out a toon and then decides that you only have a brief window to grab all the gear you need to max out that toon?

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