S Class Lee, New Telltale Character

Telltale have another S Class character coming to the game with S Class Lee! We had a couple of leaked images last week including Lee (and Abraham) but didn’t get to see too much - now here is the full deal.

Lee as a character plays into his protector personality in the game really well and if you have powerful specialist allies on a defense team they will be very happy with Lee by their side as he brings 100% normalize resist to team mates with his active.

What do you think of Lee?

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So Jackie, Liu , Tanya, Liu, Lee. Annoying. At least Brutus will be “F2P”


Alpha with ATK when taunted mod says hello.


Once again, a useless toon that fills nothing, can’t mod against everything so active will be useless in 90% of the cases, weapon will be disarmed, specialist is useless, and jacki already does the attack down.

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You forgot about the active. And dexterity is useless? Ok.


So normalize resist is nothing?


Yes if it can’t be used :smile:

He is gonna be an absolute fkn nightmare on Jacki teams - most of the time your 1st turn is a bust against her because of her lead skill (unless you’re in that utopian bucket where resist mods actually work on attack teams), and given his active is T1 he’ll more often than not get to use it - Normalising Trader is one of the few methods of dispatching him, and most likely that’s gonna be gone from the off. The only other method is to hit him hard, and if Lee gets his rush off that’s no longer an option either (coincidentally an identical debuff to Kenny’s buff)

In and of himself he’s kinda meh, but paired with the right toons he could flip a raid on its head, or at least stall it long enough that it may as well have been a loss


please all pull this toon and pair him with Jackie it will make beating Jackie’s even easier than what it is now


Could be said about every single other ability in the game then.

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Lee never disappoints

Start with the Normalise resist before it’s even possible to get Brutus… No surprise there.

Normalise should stay as an irresistible control. As soon as normalise resist mods appear, this game will become silly levels of crazy.

Whack a fast heal or 10% hp per debuff on 4th slot and this guy will be very hard to take down if he has been able to use his AS - especially with a huge ap on being attacked (if you try and use a large damage AR without control - he will get full AP and just heal it all, taunt a toon and reduce all attack by 75%).

This guy is going to be massively underestimated, especially when you consider how his stats, his AR, his AS, his specialist and his weapon all synchronise so well to be an exceptionally tough tank.

Think about it this way - you haven’t focused on him because you were looking to take down the other toons, he is now the last character. His AS has gone off so he has normalise resist, focus and is ready to AR. He has massive HP and def because he’s behind a def leader, has good base stats and thats how he is crafted and modded.
When his AR hasn’t gone off, you don’t want to hit him with ARs that are basic attacks because of his weapon, you don’t want to hit him with high damage ARs with no control or with Taunt/Confuse as he has focus, and such an AR will not kill him due to dexterity, but will instead bring up his AP to set off his AR. Only really wanting to be controlling him with Stun, Impair or Slow.
When his AR has gone off, the opponents will be hitting him like a bunch of wet noodles. All the while his fast healing or 10% per debuff weapon will be healing him when his AR isn’t.
He will be an absolute ballache toon as the last toon if he gets rolling.


Everything’s so easy on paper right ? Would love to see how you’re gonna take down easily any Jacky, Trader, Lee teams.
It’s gonna be an RNG hell, even if you use Michonne.

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Lee is crap?? But if he was free he be in your def team right? But hes crap? Howwwww

Some of you really don’t know how to play this game lol

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The people that always comment on these threads saying these toons suck are the ones stuck in dead-ass factions and score 400 points each war or are trying to persuade others to not pull.

Use your own judgement :slight_smile:


though you cant say that it always will target alpha. its just 1/5 chances. unless you give everyone in the team atk while taunted. and ofc there is one more problem reflect and its 300% to. so it takes alot of circumstances for one thing to not happen or happen.

Ransack will be ultra nice against Lee then

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Was my exact idea, lol