S Class Leaks, Abraham & Telltale Lee - First Look & Predictions

Some images have been circulating around Abraham and Lee as they appeared in game momentarily for some and this is a solid confirmation that these characters will be on the way!

With no multi week event too close on the horizon it can be assumed that they will most likely be promo characters unless a surprise toon were to be dropped onto us like a new war character etc.

Who are you more excited to see coming to the game?

  • LEE

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Abe’s Trauma looks solid. Makes Trauma resist (at least 50%) a must-have forTrader now…

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He is going to be a defensive character so he can’t fit with Clementine lead, thar sucks

The Urban legend Lee is finnaly gonna fight alongside with Boat God Kenny


Abe… looks like a knock off rambo…

on that subject there is a knock off rambo film…

Ramboo the intruder… why the protagonist of the title elects to intrude is anyone’s guess… my goal is one day to watch it


Bodyguard lee anyone?

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Is it just me or has it not really mattered who gets released. Double trader is still the meta and your other best option is rampage Priya…


For now. Now that trader is becoming more common and cards are now offered more widespread it will soon be time for another game breaking scopely golden goose toon. The one whales can’t help but buy 3 copies of lol

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Yah next WoC is when I would expect him. Or her

Probably release Abe next week just after everyone gets their new shiny Trader :stuck_out_tongue:

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Doesn’t matter. I got a nice trauma resist for trader, but never intend to put the toon in my defense line up… I run dropped defense half of the time, don’t do much warring (usually 25k to 50k max), my Onslaught defense seems to hold up quite well - no need to piss people off with the “toon that broke the game”, lol

Can a mod with resist beat 100%? Abe gives 100% trauma.

Trader resists stack with Resilience. Unless he is normalized, a 50% trauma (or other kind of resist) will make him immune.

Any other toon must pray to RNGesus to grace him resist with max 75% chance…