S Class Laopo, w/ Full Control Rush

S Class Laopo is the third released S tier character and the first in the strong trait, while we can expect a fast character to come next, Tough Priya is still being promoted in the premier area of the recruits and rewards. S Class is here and it is not going to come slowly.

During the release period of the 3 S Class characters there has been one legacy ascendable to resist such insurmountable power: Romanov

1:3 Legacy release rate vs. S Class so far -
Do you think a Legacy character should be released alongside each S Class?

  • Yes
  • No

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There are no F2P S Class characters and the legacies released to combat this huge leap in strength are worse than generation 1 6* legacies - the gap had never been as wide as it was before S Class characters were released but now…


Legacy with S-Class but not all legacies need be tied with S-Class*. At the minute they have the legacy and S-Class release rate the wrong way around. And that’s still too fast for the latter


I voted yes but I mean really, what’s the point.


At the very least a Legacy should be released at the same rate as S Class.

Or Legacy’s should be released with an S Class variant so you have a F2P toon and then a premier

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I voted no but i meant yes. Time to go to sleep :wink: As long as they keep releasing weak legacies like romanov, they might as well stop releasing them altogether, doesn’t make a difference.

We all know what kind of legacies we’ll be having :wink:

What’s the point of legacies now, all of them are more butchered than the previous one, only thing that should be done is stop S-classes all together but we all know the answer.

I’m not entirely sure what it is you are asking @Lockdown :blush:

If by that you mean S Class every 2 weeks and a legacy every 2 weeks then I think you know the answer.

If you mean S Class every 6 months and a legacy every 6 months then the answer is actually the same.

But since legacies doesn’t really matter in this new S Class meta what is the point? So what is it you are asking? :blush:

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No because legacies need to be quicker than S toons

Oops I voted the wrong option

I dont want to create new topic so I’ll ask here. If we do premium pulls, we can pull only toon we see in wheel or more ?

Forgot about Hershel

5 Legacies for every S Class, bare minimum.

Even if they make all 5* become ascendable now, we (me and many others i believe) still cant optimize them because lack of trainers, foods, gears, and token to ascend them. Really scopely, if you ever think of it, you re not at loss. You can still making money of it