S-Class Laopo + Player Council Feedback


Today we are launching a new S-Class figher, Laopo. While we’re excited to have this new character in the game, we wanted to acknowledge a few things about S-Class characters and our ongoing discussions with the Player Council.

We’ve spent a lot of time over the past couple of weeks deeply engaged with the Player Council and they’ve already had a direct impact on the game (ie existing and future Arenas changes, upcoming Leagues Season 7 changes). Regarding S-Class, the Player Council has voiced to us a couple of specific concerns:

  1. The release of S-Class characters is further widening the power gap between the different tiers of players.
  2. The acquisition of the S-Class Collectibles (ie Blue Keys, Ice Cream Cones) is too slow through engagement-based modes.

The Player Council also voiced that the release of a third S-Class today was not ideal and that the above concerns need to be addressed before the release of more S-Class fighters. We understand and acknowledge the above concerns and are working with the Player Council on solutions to make the S-Class character acquisition a better experience. That said, given our production schedules and technical constraints, we were not able to shift our release of Laopo and she will be in-game today.

Although you will see a new powerful S-Class fighter out in the wild now, we’re already working to address the concerns outlined by the Player Council. Specifically, you will see tangible changes in-game in the following areas:

  1. S-Class Collectibles are going to be more widely accessible through engagement-based modes:

    1. Raid Drops (found in “Drop Crates” during Raid tournaments)
    2. Daily Roadmaps
    3. War Crates
    4. Tournament Milestones (coming soon)
  2. To demonstrate that we recognize that we have room to improve on the issues outlined above between now and the next S-Class release, all players will receive a free reward that gives them the choice of 500 Blue Keys or 500 Ice Cream Cones. You should see this in your inbox in the next 48 hours.

We hope this demonstrates our ongoing commitment to continue to improve on the experience in the game and we look forward to sharing more details on future updates in the near future.


Making us aware about this before releasing him, rather than a couple of days afterwards, is a step in the right direction regarding communication. As is explaining that you are aware about the concerns and you are unable to drop him due to a schedule already in place. Whether players trust that you are taking the concerns seriously is a different matter, but communication wise, the above is what you need to be doing concerning every toon, map and event (a current example being the Ice Cream Cones and Blue Key roadmaps since most players know nothing about these, such as final days of them being run).


Listen to the players council that’s what they are there for


You mean: “Given that we need to meet our quarterly deadline, please purchase this OP character that has 2,000 extra stats than the last boost we gave”.

Unacceptable. Why don’t you address why he has more stats? Oh wait, you are not allowed to speak.


Thanks but no thanks :wink:

Actions speaks louder than words and I think you have shown what you really think of the promises you made.

S Class is a step in the wrong direction and at this rate game breaking and you’ve run out of time in my book. It’s been more than a month since you promised a roadmap on the promises and instead you gives us another S Class.





How about yo do away with the torches for the S-Class roadmaps? That would be a great start.
Let us run them with world energy. Otherwise you’re just going to continue artificially increasing the gap


You sound like you need a break dude. You’re getting more bitter sounding by the day.


I’m definately not bitter. I have defended them for a while, but I don’t like being patronized. Lying to us and telling us they can’t remove because of technical whatever is a crock of shit. Give me a break.


Nevermind you went a billion step back We all know it’s not because of technical constraints you can’t release her at a later date, it’s because you want to milk them krakens, dumb morons.


Understandably so. I’m getting more bitter by the day with the increase in power gap.


I have lots of suggestions for your 500 keys and ice cream cones…
Hit me up :smirk:



Lmfao!! Hilarious.


Yet you continue to be surprised? Or expect different?

Just give Diego in side mission for 40pulls and I’ll give you my coins :ok_hand:


Good update, keep the updates coming, and you accept the problems. It’s the first stage to recovery. While a cursory glance at the forums or surveys would have told you a 2 week S-class release rate is ridiculously quick, and that’s one point lost on communication, at least you’ve identified it as a problem and I hope not to see another for a while now…

While more collectibles for everyone are good, it’s still unfortunate these teardrops of god have to be dished out, making every toon with as little as one stat less redundant


I mean why not, all they do is fuk you over nothing you can do but see the negative in everything. An you know how much and how long i advocated quality and change and it only got worst. I not gonna bash them anymore or try not to atleast my voice means nothing.

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Just to be clear Scopely, Parker means keep the communication coming not the S Class toons.


Lmao, edited that one in before the weekly dev check