S Class Kenny Petition1

Yes please! I have two Kenny’s now waiting to be S classed

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Day 10 on waiting in S class Kenny

Reached the 10 day mark…

It feels like it has been centuries without Kenny.

But i know kenny is just testing us…Seing if we are worthy enough.

Kenny is love i wisper to my self at night…


Day 11 on waiting on S class Kenny

Kenny,Our lord and savior needs our help.

He has been way to busy helping ad many peopol as he can with the corona virus.

If you want to help Kenny and all the peopol around you.

Stay At Home.

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Day 12 on Waiting in S class Kenny

Today is war day,

Today we gotta guve it everything we got

Today we gotta pray to kenny

Today we

Day 14 on waiting on S class Kenny

I skipped day 13 cuz it was a bad number

Our lord and saviour has been waiting for over 2 weeks.Still got the strength to wait if your a true believer.

Kenny will be our saviour from all the bad stuff this world brings to us…From Scipely
To the Corona virus…


Not Good. Skipping a Day won’t serve Kenny good. You should be ashamed

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Day 13 is an expetion.

Kenny doesnt like that number.

It brings bad luck.

So What? Would you reject a S-Class Kenny if Scopely would release at a Friday the 13th or just a 13th?

Mate just day 13 in general was skipped due to it not everything so just chill…

Day 15 on S class Kenny Petition

We reached an amazing 15 days while waiting for S class Kenny…

Kenny Will Realise the boats to the wild…

Kenny will cath the buggest fishes youv ever dreamed off

Kenny…Will save us


day 999 and scopley does’t cares keep on posting for atleast 1000 days nd you will still not get him

Lmao (7 char)

I for one enjoy the thread an support the petition… why not? No harm here at all certain threads should never die this being one.

Otherwise what joy is that to be had

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am not against am just telling how much scoply cares to us

Mate i see a bounch of peopol complaying about how much they care about us on so many threads.This isnt like that.If you dont like it you can stay away

Day 16 on waiitng on S class Kenny

Today we got a new event from scopley

The event makes me happy.Buy alowing every single player to claim Our lord and saviour Kenny.

Aloowing everyone to experience how truly of a god he is…this is trully amazing.

Thank you Kenny

PS:Im gonna max the secons one with veteran rings as well


As much as I love and adore Kenny, I still like Jane quite a lot. I hope that The Walking Dead: Season Two characters like Pete, Nick, Luke, Jane, Carver and the 400 Days Cast appear in the future, I think it would easy for Scopely to be given permission, since Skybound now own and control the rights for The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series

I totally back the petition, Kenny is deserving of becoming an S-Class, regardless of your views of him throughout The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series, he was a vital part in Clementine’s Story!

I respect people’s opinion if the resepct mine.So im totaly cool about it.

Glad to have you on this journey

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Kenny is one of my favourite characters in The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series. There have been times I didn’t agree with him, but he was still Lee’s best friend and Clementine’s guardian in my playthrough, so I’d love to see him as a heavy hitting S-Class! :slight_smile:

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