S Class Kenny Petition1

Kenny…Our beloved Boat god…Our father is one and hes kenny.

He had 2 5 stars,The red one was my first 5 star i ever got and thats when the light hit me…since then i have been colecring kennys…levelin them up giving them rings and all kinds if stuff.

The blue kenny has been the best 6 star to ever exist…if you max him to 30 rings he can summon a biat and crush the enemy team turn 1.

Thats why i think there should be an S class version of Kenny,Our lord and saviour


word. pls scopley do this. it will be a great birthday present for mah of DAR.

Thank you.


Ken god needs a bigger boat

#sclasskenny #he’llsaveusfromcorona


Lee: “Yo Kenny we’re all tired, how about we rest for a mo-”

Kenny: “Boat boat boat, gotta get to that boat.”

Lee: “Yeah… But we’re kinda hungry and it’s getting dark, maybe we shou-”

Kenny: “Goddammit Lee! Boat! Now you wit me or against me!?”

Lee: “Plus Omid isn’t looking so good, I think his leg is all infected an-”

Kenny: “**** YOU LEE, BOATS IS CLOSE!”

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A true Kenny believer would remember he had 3 five star characters, including the green one.


You saying he is a false prophet, a Non-believer !!!

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You can see the disappointment in his face…


Don’t forget Green Kenny, hon’.

Yellow Sclass Kenny would be cool.

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I’m getting some far cry 5 vibes from this but I think I’m in love with @TheSteve now

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I defenitly sign this petion. A S-Class would be my Wish S-Class right after Allen of course. I hope for a Yellow Kenny to complete the Colour Table.

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I think that comes more from the fact that he shortly lost his Family… :sweat_smile:

Why limit Kenny to any trait? Kenny should be the first rainbow S-class!

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i want michonne before kenny


The green one sucks thats why i dint include it


Day 2 of waiting for S class kenny after the petition…

The sea is calm for now…but its so empty. With out any boats to roam it its so boring…

We need kenny to release the boats and make the sea more fun again


How about…

S-Class Jane?

I could make a massive reply abour this…




It looks cool. That enougth

How about…
S-class Parker?