S Class Kenny, 5th Anniversary Event Reward

Introducing S Class Kenny! He is the reward coming in the 5th Anniversary Event starting Tuesday and is also one of the more iconic characters from the Telltale game series.

Small addition is the baby AJ wrapped around his chest as this is timed around end of season 2.

Compared to the 4th Anniversary Kenny comes out victorious in pretty much every way possible, but that is not too difficult as Sergio was horrible!

What do you think of S Class Kenny?

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I also made a guide on this character and some early ideas on how best to equip him for the fight! There is also some game play on how to adjust to having him in your attack teams.


This is scary, feel like a reset is coming.


Bone thrown. Well done, Scopely.

With some of the recent actions, for sure it’s coming. And soon.


Can’t wait to kill kenny with my clementine to do my favorite scene in the game again lololol


He looks decent. And doing so makes Glenn look even more :poop: :joy:
Going to be great in my Rampage teams.


Best S Kenny ever.

Sergio suck


Woow he’s amazing.
Even better than what I expected

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He almost makes up for Sergio. Almost.

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I love how lockdown takes the flak…had to see who said hes bad…usual crew.

Yeah first person I scrolled over is a known troll. Probably trying to throw out his bait.

Hes decent…but cant please all…im so dogging lostboy at the mo…i cant see how a real person can complain so much over nothing. Fker crys over everything.

Finnaly scopely good free toon,now have one more question we can get him or no.

Good to see the voice of reason here :wink:

Damn nice. Pity I just 5 starred Alice’s weapon.

I so love you

Lol, that’s so sweet!

Yeah…but you know it…i hate complainers who complain b4 they know shit
But i know your just here wishing i was in Ret.

I quite like the new Kenny, personally I would have preferred him to have a small heal over time on his active, as a trader counter. The Ap bonus I guess, is to make up for the fact that he wouldn’t be gaining Ap at all on his turn when he fires of his active skill, unfortunately that Ap gain just makes him Angel bait.

Not to be to negative about him though, I can see a lot of great uses for him, and he has some great combination potential.