S Class Kapoor, War Exclusive - Good or Bad?

S Class Kapoor comes out as war drops, he is claimable in the museum right now with one basic collection item that you could collect in the last CRW. He has a dual specialist (he will not require flags to upgrade) as well as a huge defensive buff on his rush.

However he is deemed to be a damage dealer and his rush does less maim damage than Regina, who was released over 6months ago as a Gen2 6*

Is Kapoor good enough for an S Class War Exclusive?

  • Yes
  • No

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I like him, he is a tank and idk why scopely is throwing random roles around, calling tanks damage dealers and damage dealers tanks, etc. Also i called it, Kapoor would be the exclusive war toon. :stuck_out_tongue:


He’s a free S-class, which means he is too good.

Side note:

The fake teaser for Walking Dead issue 194, to hide that the comic would end with 193 and that there would never be an issue 194, was ““LAST SHOT”: Meet Sheriff Kapoor… if you dare”. Now we get to meet Sheriff Kapoor - I wonder if Scopely is sending us a message.


I voted yes because he’s easily attainable. But I mean, he’s not great.

He’s not great by any means but I mean he’s free and if you pair him with Priya and Raulito it could be pretty filthy

for someone who has a (mostly) shitty roster (ftp gang rise up), dude is pretty kickass

I might put him on my bleed team :))

Raulito lead, Lacerator Rick, Davie, Christa, and now Kapoor



he will be much better than lousy old Viktor

Ohhhh snap! Time for me to look into this and do another conspiracy theory!

He will replace my guardian rick

Regardless of the Vote
Thank You scopley for throwing us a bone!

Voted yes as he’s free. Buuuuut it does mean that we get less prizes in war since the heads take up a slot.

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Was thinking of Frost for the War toon. But Kapoor is good either way, upside is his massive buff and maim dmg while downside is the maim goes to a line of enemies only. Zachary is still pretty decent imo.

I will have him T4 after like 2 or 3 more wars, so those heads will become irrelevant fast for top factions and people getting their milestones. It is great it lasts a year and was so cheap to get him right off the bat, but is this what factions will be fighting for an entire year? Will other s-class toons be exclusive thru war? Will they also use the rotting heads? The rewards already need a major overhaul and soon factions will be fighting for rotting heads that will be worthless. This is something that should be brought to scopelys attention imho, no motivation = no competition = less spending. @Brucey @LadyGeek imo, PC should bring this up if they havent. @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely honestly i dont know why i bother tagging you 2 at this point but figure the less spending will get your attention. Even @Lockdown says in his video, as is, Kapoor isnt really great and doesnt motivate factions to fight it out for rotting heads. I like Kapoor but LD is right about the motivation, esp for top facs, this toon is more of a filler spot on defense teams for top factions till a better s class comes. Just think about all the pancakes you wont be getting scopely cause this is the prize for war for a year or this is the only main prize you do. The velvet cakes, the gps and canteen, the 3 arena tickets… Milestones and rank rewards really need to be adjusted, across all events scopely.

P.S. i know the war wheel is coming, i dont have much hope in the toons scopely will choose and well, they are 6* and while some 6* are still amazing and very usable, 6* are over and it is time to accept this is a reset, we can cling onto 6* like we did 5* but for those at the top, theirs no motivation to fight for war tokens for 4 toons they prob have already.

We need motivating milestones and rank rewards in all events and these need to scale accordingly, like 16 region CRW.


He will do shit vs maim resist mods

Question is. Will be more war toon like kapoor ? @GR.Scopely ?
Dont know if I should upgrade him or wait :thinking:

I was considering that. Michelle lead (don’t have Raulito) with lacerator Martinez. The team bleeds people out pretty quickly, especially Zach and Charlie, but tends to be a glass cannon. May have to move one of those out and put in a healer like Erika to give them enough lasting power to get those bleeds running.

Well, he still has the team defense buff, and people may stack maim, but with Raulito in game they will also need to worry about bleed. You can only protect against so many states.

Get a shield, generally better than a healer - enough defense teams will kill your toons before the healer gets to do anything. Maxed VR Magna can take quite a beating.

Also consider G2 Rick. He’s very flexible - G2 gives survivability, AR taunts and clears opposing G2 shields, Active revives.

any S toon you dont need to use regular gear for i’ll take wholeheartedly :slight_smile:

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