S Class Jobe with 4x Attack Rush

Jobe is the next promo S Class character in RTS and at first glance it seems like he has quite a strange kit however after testing it is quite a lot of fun and potentially devastation to attack or defense teams… on turn 1.

He has a 4hit rush and of course is tough so can potentially utilise double attack and rampage together and his overall rush damage is 800% just shy of Priya’s 825%. But the burn is when things start to really get juicy and the interaction with the specialist skill & multi hit rush means he can burn an entire team for 4000 turn 2 for sure or turn 1 with the correct AP % weapon setup.

What do you think of Jobe?

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Could be nasty with rampage.

I guess the intent is to hit the leader with active, then rush on leader to spread 2 turns of 4k burn to all foes?


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Fire starter only spreads to one adjacent enemy, unless they buffed it and I didn’t notice.

I see. So the rush can hit 4 times to spread it to all.

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Mercer’s active might just be worth leveling now

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yea check the vid at 11:32 I equipped a defensive weapon on purpose to achieve less damage but more about the burn&spread.

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Why did u replaced “overpowered” with “good” ?


Perhaps because overpowered does not correlate as well with “Bad” and “Average.” In other words, if you thought the toon was slightly above average then you would be voting “Overpowered” whereas that may not really be the case.

If u want to make a poll eloborated u need to make more than 3 cases to choose from considering what u said rn

U could also make a poll with buy or not like vk does


Why has no-one mentioned the fact that this is actually Joe Exotic? His attached weapon should’ve been Carole Baskin!


Jobe Exotic.


I am getting one these - its gonna happen.

Because they’re trying to use his likeness without being sued :shushing_face::zipper_mouth_face:


I agree with that.

One thing i would add is Joe Exotic’s character avatar should have flames reflected in his pupils as he watches the world burn around him

Also worth noting that a 200 bleed gold mod will add 800 bleed on top of the burn on his rush. Not that I think you’ll need it.
Excellent toon. A big upgrade on Priya imo.

Pros in comparison to Priya:
-High burn + Firestarter
-4 attacks compared to 3 so more chances at mod effects, double attack and rampage processing.
-Impairs 3 not just a line.

Cons compared to Priya:
-Wont be a middle toon for 2 more 35/15s (this won’t apply to a 2nd Priya)
-Doesnt have a lead skill (this won’t apply to a 2nd Priya plus everyone has access to Lilly anyway)
-Doesnt confuse a line.

Definitely better in everyway than a 2nd Priya, better than a first in many/most situations.

Not sure, he has a lot less damage. Priya with 1K base more and probably at least 5K more after all the multipliers etc. makes the rampage hits that much more powerful vs. the extremely tanky teams out there.

vs. a 2nd Priya it would be close but not her as a leader surrounded by 15/35s

Not saying he will hit harder than Priya, saying the overall package is better due to that crazy burn that can be added to all toons by T2.
The only way Priya is better than him is if she is centre toon. Even if you have Priya, you don’t always want to use her as lead - in these cases Jobe will be better, thats why I’m saying he will be better in many/most cases.