S Class Items Too Many of them

Please tell me they are going to be recycled. What do I do with my Blue keys now that I have Pete. I can’t even get another or a 5S or 6s version. Same with Cones, and Chocolate Cakes and Bullets. So are we going to get more character to use these on?

War Crates drop Blue Keys. Time to update
War Rewards Choice boxes are now useless
Arena Choice boxes will be useless soon, but at lease you can get rings.
Onslaught just gave enough Vanilla Cakes to get Hengyen

So release new character needing these items. Honestly we don’t need more items in the game. Streamline them. or come up with a wildcard item that can be used for all s Class. Maybe a SCLASS TOKEN you can redeem for any specific SCLASS item you need.

WOC is coming and who needs these Sclass items anymore

Poor you. Too many of those items. No way I’d want to be in your shoes instead of scrambling round just for one 5* Version like a F2P scrub that I am…


Some just like having others know how well endowed they are is all.


Considering how many people dont have Pete I guess they should listen to you and screw all the people that dont have him


I dont think he was saying get rid of the keys just to have another outlet to use them

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