S-class incoming - what about rest of the 6*

Will “some” of them be S - classed with an upgrade like we with 5 star? Or is it an reset and all 6* is a waste ?

Yet they release new 6* promos etc.

What do you think guys?


You can still fight S class charecters with 6 stars…even as a f2p.Just need some brains…And praying in our lord and saviour Kenny


Slow kill but still beatable. 3 S class.

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No no I meant - if those 6* we have, doc, Zachary, Michelle, negan, wayland etc. the good one, if they will become S class

Prob not that would make them no money

We can hope… my atk team is lucky OP so I’m good… but still…

First they have to even finish making all legacy 5s to 6 star lmao. Even if they do promote them to s class the rate will be horrid and the stats much weaker then promo

We are still waiting for all the 5* to be made into 6* I’m pretty sure you know the answer to your question but you dont want to face the truth. Enjoy the roster reset and watch everything you bought before be useless

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Против s класса обычные 6* слабые. Дали бы возможность возвышать 6* до s класса

Did shiva force become ascendable???
The six stars you grinded or paid for will become fodder.


Exactly this, luckily my roster is good but earned not paid for, resets fuck the Whales and bring us closer for a couple of weeks😂

Well at the moment I can smash most teams without Priya with a F2P team Mich,Ajax,Rick,Piper and Christa so I’m happy

As a lot of veterans, many drop to lower factions when they get tired (me) I do use my team resources etc to make upcoming, struggling players get better and get more satisfaction out of that now than winning a CRW. Ps I love a moan when it effects them not me mainly🤗

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