S.class human shield

scopley when u going to launch S.class shield…:smiling_imp:

In next bucket or so


It’ll have to be a new tier of bucket , they’ll want to create a specialist that can’t be disarmed first

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Congrats you made frost a human sheild
Now the Christia cult will be angry and salty


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I can Imagine something like

Role: Legendary S Class
3782 ATT
4992 DEF
2894 HP

Adrenaline Rush: “Hehe, I’m Gator”
66 AP
All teammates recover from heal reduction, regain +60% of their Max HP and get Elusive for 3 turns. Up to three enemies get -100% AP and will be disarmed for 2 turns.

Active Skill: “Okay”
Up to two teammates gain +100% Bonus HP and +35% AP. Confuse one enemy for one round.
Initial Cooldown : 1
Number of uses : 5
Cooldown : 2

Specialist Skill: Payback and Human Shield combined.


+40% HP
+10% Def
A better Chance to gain 50% AP when under attack.

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you forget ‘‘trait’’

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Where to add?

Trait Weapon?

STOP GIVING THEM IDEAS. We dont need a op as fuck human shield. Actual Payback and a shield would BE HELL to defeat.


Imagine the Crap for F2P


You couldnt even get past that bitch. Lacerator, firestarter and bleed would be a support

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But if Elusive is active how the Frick are you supposed to gain AP for bleeding or such else?

the idea must be in their minds alreafy lol

soon i think the leak character ‘frost’ is a human shield he is classified as Tank and has like 5.5K def

Trait god

That wouldn’t be a problem at all since you need to eliminate a Human Shield to even get a chance to attack the rest of the Team without focus.

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