S class, how do you feed these things

So I’ve gotten the free S class James when it came out and worked my way up on him. I’m now at tier 3 level 124. I’m beginning to believe he eats more than a black hole leveling up. And it’s not just the food cost which I can handle that , it’s the amount of 2* you have to throw at him for dinner. Right now this monster needs 9674 points to level to 125. That’s 25 2*. I’m afraid to look once I get to tier 4.
Any quick way beside countless trainers and toons?

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YGL scavenger mission


Think thats it unless send on countless YGL scavenger missions.

I maxed Pete using my stock of trainers… bennies no less.

Unless you have the gear food and trainers it’s gonna take time. I’m currently levelling a 5* using 2*fodder for 1st time in long while and that’s tedious and slow going.

I put my s class in numerous YGL over and over

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If you only get YGL twice a week you’re in for a tough time. One suggestion that was given to me on here was to take out all your 3 and 4 stars out of basic tokens and use them (also obviously combine with both toon xp terris), this got my Laopo from lvl 90 odd T2 to level 14 T4 and it was only about a months saved tokens (2 wars included). Yeah you’d lose a ton of depot points, but all those are worth atm are for cans and the odd Lillith. You get more level up worth from the basic 3 and 4 stars that you’d convert for depot points than you would for the normal trainers you’d spend the tokens on.

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I get YGL about once every 5 or 6 days. It has helped but now it’s so much at the top to go up. I may have do as you said start burning up 3* instead of using them at the supply depot. Thanks for the advice.

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I get mine every 12 hrs how come you get YGL so infrequently ?

Twice a week? Wow. I’m lucky to get it once. It never used to be this bad but lately even with constantly running/skipping/aborting missions it hardly ever appears.
Wrong bucket I guess!!


Not bucket related… you just played more missions so now ygl gets stuck in a cooldown backlog. Not everyone finished all of these old missions so have ygl coinable on tap

You cant skip the prestige scavenger missions, that makes it worse

There’s no effective way to max out any of these S class or 6* characters except for You Got Lucky. It’s pretty dumb

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Same here… I feel bad for those that don’t :frowning:

Yup it’s pretty disgusting how hungry they are. Only managed to max one of 4 s class so far since the economy for it hasnt been updated since the 5 star days. Roadmaps are very energy expensive and give a pittance of survivors as a rewards. Things are rough

This is their best solution to drain you of your material so you are forced to spend for other things

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