S class glitch?

Anybody else noticing christa rushing when taunted/confused/impaired? Also priya totally ignoring the fact she is stunned?

Christa has focus in her active, so that explains the confused and taunted rushes, as for the impair rushing and priya stunned rushing, send video evidence to @LadyGeek, if you got some




Doesnt daze stop active skills? Even when she is hit with priya and the daze icon shows

It does, but doesn’t stop the effect if already used

Hmmm thanks for the info need to check that out, as use priya on her from the start until she is dead, but she always gets a rush off regardless, so dazed from the start then taunt added etc but still gets a rush in

everything about Christa is WRONG… SHE IS WAAAAYYY TO OVER POWERED.

She just focus and kills 2 of my toons in a single shot as if it were her rush . I fkn hate everything about her.

But I thought that people were complaining that Mr. stop sign was overpowered and Christa was the wrong choice?


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