S Class gear chart?

Anyone have a handy chart of gear needed to upgrade S class? Please & thank you if you do

Not a chart but some screenshots

T1=> T2 should just be 5× the amount of gear as for a regular 6*


Nice, thank you

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Basically 5 times what the 6star version would need

Don’t want to create new topic but speaking of s class toons, any idea what collectables are gonna be next week rewards in solo events?

No leaks on vk yet. Its been chocolate cake for solo events since October 17… so hopefully something different. There was 1 faction lvl up with ice cream cones a few weeks ago

Gotta be Raulito shotty shells soon for sure.


Awesome! Thank you so much!

it’s a meatball

Sunday’s solo lvl up rewards are chocolate cake.

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