S Class Frost, first S Class Human Shield

Now I love the new S-class era as a mainly F2P, every toon will be available and when could we say that, On a positive/negative side I have a shit load of coins but won’t be pulling for Frost as I have no gear, league coins, I’m out nada nothing lmao. Ps I still struggle with Magna the bitch

I won’t be pulling for him just because I don’t believe he brings anything new to the table to change the meta or defeat the current meta.

Since they needed to release the sclass shield at some point I think this one is the right choice with as much balance as they could give him without making him OP or game breaking like so many toons before him.

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Would this team work against Frost, lead Sec guo, aavar, aavar, doc, Alice or Dale

Be smarter to use a lead with attack

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So Mich maybe

Yeah probably

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Yeah I think smart money is next shield is the one you want if you going shield.

Hey lockdown I’m not complaining about getting s class toons or anything but it does seem to balanced towards the people who pay. I’ve only been playing 7 months and I’m s12+, about to get my fourth s class Raul, it is easy to get s class, not sure what the other guys problem was :joy:

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omg…do i even need to answer this.

lol…Lockdown…hes now ya official stalker

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You mean people who pay get better stuff? Crazy


4th s class Raul…nice man. Or do you mean your 4th Sclass…i may have jumped the gun there.

Don’t know if anyone else asked this question. Why is the rush not different from s class to six star frost? It seems most other s class toons it changed for increased damage or what not.

I noticed that too, stats are the only difference.

I’d say stats are what’s being spotlighted for being S-class since his role is to just sit there and look pretty. If that was the intention then cool, otherwise yeah it’s weird that there’s no change

Not really. The rush will never go off.

Fourth s class, not fourth s class Raul :joy:. Wish I had four s class rauls, all that bleed

I would say this guy is overpowered. But the meta is already pretty borked right now with so many ridiculous characters. And attack definitely has an advantage over defense at the moment, so this might actually even that up a bit.

It’s not easy in old regions with lots of active whales

I guess where I run Christa and before her Camilla and strong Rick and a lot of focus toons I haven’t had a issue with shields too much. I barrel right through them. Christa sets off dd and focus and priya tears them down with princess. Princess taunts and does major damage. So yeah haven’t ever been against s shield and thought dang I need that. Lol. I run g rick too. I like his guardian better then the shields. At least first hit your protected. But lately since I got angel and she’s still squishy I’ve been debating running Priya, angel, princess, g rick, and magna. Haven’t tried it yet because I usually run Aarav or Ryker and both do exceptional damage. But I’m thinking of trying it next war and maybe this onslaught.