S Class Frost, first S Class Human Shield

I bought nothing to do with S Class characters though or coins - and you are saying I bought these things though lol :rofl: I legit bought the $1 offers for some random pulls on wheels for videos, that is it. I get like maybe 10 3* trainers out of this haha.

you do know people can get free coins from tap joy right?

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Yes im know.

But they offers some are paid in others games = spender

Im see 10 hours of videos in twd to get 2k of coins.

not all you can grind all the other games if you think the rewards are worth it especially in a 2x and 2.5x event

Playing others bad games to get coins in other game humm.

you seem like a right tool


Good but some this games have virus you know?

no i dont know, I dont think anyone knows what you are talking about


Humm this coversation its about spenders and f2p and this toon too.

seems to be about you crying tbh


Actually it is about S Class Frost, you derailed it with some F2P vs. Spender stuff. Just work harder if you don’t want to spend, like other F2P people do and you will get stuff too :+1:


No im not crying kkk.

cool talk to me when you hit 1 mil

Next war im do this kkkk full f2p kk and came here you can have 1 m too.

May I say, I’m f2p and level 113 and I’ve never ran a shield. Just now exploring if I should. Lol. Just saying I’ve always focused on a good offense. And that’s not hiding my toons behind a shield. Though I can see the advantages of said shields no currently have magna and lee and still haven’t put either to use. As well as sc Andrea. I run guardian rick on defense. But that’s as far as I take it.

Him behind Angel or Eric, with a 35%Hp30%def, impair on attack, and a good 4th slot, with defense/HP mods. unbeatable. why scopley ?

How do you find coming up against shields? They can be good on attack if you need to protect a glass cannon - especially a 6* one. (Amber for me :D)

You act like crowd control, normalize and focus dont exist. This isnt 5 star era were you had limited options. Any active player in the game got princess ffs.