S Class Frost, first S Class Human Shield

S Class Frost is finally coming to the game after weeks of theories with him potentially being the next gold bar collection character. He will in fact be the first S Class Human Shield as well as a medic with a long lasting heal & revive.

There is currently an issue with Human Shields and how they react to Normalize active from Princess where it can in fact instant crash your game seemingly, which will hopefully be fixed really quickly as they don’t seem to be delaying his release due to this issue.

S Class Shields, How Powerful do you think they are?

  • Overpowered
  • Balanced
  • Underpowered

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Frost+good gun+ mods+ good team= GOD.

True for almost every s-class

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But he are human sheild its another thing

Frost himself won’t be the problem. It’s the other toons that are the problem.


Hes not that big of a deal, it’s the toons behind him that will be an issue

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Sure but he can make one grat problem now.

Every week it’s the same thing another toon that’s op etc etc. There are ways around him, he’s not much different then any other shield just one that’s on steroids.

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HE revive and heals other menbers.

Yup pretty much, shields generally just give the defence an extra turn and with characters like mercer doing that on the first turn as well could be a nasty combo.

There’s something called heal reduc, as well as bleed, if you run a raulito with him, you gonna be winning very easily


Lets the f2p now,bit human shield its very op.

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Another things mods hehehe.

Lets see the mods and put in he.

Apparently he’s gonna be a premium toon so the f2p players are fucked again :joy:

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This its one bad thing kkkkk.

Scopely knows how to get yalls money

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I remember before he had abilities I

I thought him and Marlon and rosie strong S class would be the new f2p toons.

Only one we have is angel and the old toons of christa and james.

not mine they dont

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You cannot make any opinion about this toon before you have seen the toon in action.

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