S Class Franklin, Leagues Season 12 Character

S Class Franklin is the character for leagues Season 12! Strong trait damage dealer that will work with both Erin and Ivanova leads and get a big benefit from Kenny attack buff - could be dangerous!

He will also be going directly into the season store as an S Class character again and you will not have to get the cards to slowly progress towards the S Class - he will be claimable for 40,000 Season tokens just like I believe Ivanova was in Season 10.

What do you think of S Class Franklin?

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We have a promo who do 1200 damage to 2 and have a higher attack
600% damage in the S class era is nothing.
This toon is completely worthless
If he had a beheading specialist and 3 attack of 300% he might be somehow good .
But at 3 attack of 200% is completely sh***
It’s like 3 basic attacks


And the downgrade goes on time after time. Ivanova was hell great, Jason terrible, Franklin a little bit better but nothing special. His active skill is laughable bad.


Check out Links video. He can do decent amount of damage with def down. Or as lockdown suggests Kennys buff also.
I agree that he isn’t great. But he is free without any effort required for him.


The AR is fine, but the active skill on the other hand,is really bad.

(Scopely hates green trait)


He can also hit crits and with that buff on top should hit hard. The rush is not a problem imo - the active is useless however.


Yeah he can but does he has anything makes him worth to level though, thank you for the videos though, guys!


At this point I would believe a lot of peeps have a damage team around priya. No way this toon will fit in there or replace any of that.


Looks really really meh. Just James with more powah (and still 200% x3 to 1 just seems meh), a revive, and Executioner instead of Collateral. Can’t really see anyone reworking their main attack team to force him into it


Some small benefits of Franklin:

  1. He is a damage dealer reviver…
  2. His high base damage makes up ever so slightly for that low 200% attack for 3 hits. (FYI, Priya had about 500 less base attack stat but 275% for 3 hits)
  3. Not many people run “defense against strong” mods because not many people run offensive strong characters. Priya and other toughs are facing players who use “defense against tough” mods, which can reduce damage easily by 40-50%.
  4. Strong characters have the benefit of getting constant 50% ATK buff from special 4 weapon effect

That said, there are cons:

  1. Very bad AS and subpar specialist skill.
  2. Poor man’s Alpha in terms of damage, control, and what Alpha brings to the table
  3. Benefit #4 will not stack with Kenny’s AR or any other attack buff. (Not to mention running a full capable Strong team is unlikely in this current meta)
  4. Overall, doesn’t really bring anything new. You can run Arrav instead of Franklin and might not notice any difference.

Is him being a damage dealing reviver really a benefit? I think that’s actually a con and bad toon design.


One step forward and 10 back for those that won’t or don’t spend. Typical scopely, tbh


He may as well not even have a AS its that bad :sweat_smile:

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How do 1/3 of people think that this is an average toon or better?

Don’t see how it is a con considering they have no relation to each other.

I believe he is the first S-class to have a damaging AR with a revive included. All other S-class with revives only provide buffs/cleanse or healing with their revives.

If you want a revive as a back-up security net, but don’t want to lose out on possible damage that you need, he fulfills that role.


Well there goes my Aarav. Franklin’s in town now


There is a much better option (although I haven’t seen them so could end up with egg on my face here) - spend your tokens on the season store weapons instead.

@Verdeiwsp careful not to get into a 50 post circular thread matey (you know what I mean)


I’m calling it a con in that a reviving effect on an offensive toon’s rush isn’t very practical and that it could’ve been made MUCH better. I guess this goes back to his rush in it’s entirety being bad. Definitely beneficial if we were to assume that the revive portion of his rush was a “bonus” but that’s obviously not the case here. I just think calling it beneficial would be like saying the fact that he’s an S-rank is beneficial.

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I don’t know how you’re interpreting his rush. His revive portion of his rush IS a bonus… Did you misread that the revive is contingent on him killing an enemy?

@Verdeiwsp I can see you typing - for your own good just leave it matey.