S-Class Fighter Updates [Aug 14]

Unfortunately it’s because of people like you that many are and will quit, congrats to the effort


Has to be hacked in surely no way they got 2 and maxed her that fast the odds are literally peanuts for the collection item, ones who use VK are always prime targets for these Russians to steal there accounts and sell or even play the game with the stolen account its usually these players who post there account was stolen or hacked not all but some.

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Is this satire?

That’s some serious spending or cheating right there… that rank with that rep?

Well as already proven some folk gonna spend house price money to get her and that’s on them. Long as they happy an can afford each their own… although didn’t see it happening this fast.

As for the initial company statement S class will be obtainable to all players… by ALL they mean SPEND… can’t say can get them implying F2P yet cones are only available through pulls an pulls cost coin… not overly worried as the people who can obtain an max 2 6* to get s class play at next level to me do not like id ever cry over facing em as it’s like facing current top end teams.

Have I spent on this game? Yup…
How much? Probably too much but could afford the relatively minor total amount spent compared to some
Will I spend again? Maybe BUT certainly not now an not in any vein attempt to get the RNG coneage to race for S class.

Someone somewhere in the company must read the forum… it’s not like any one asked for this or wants it. Players from what seen have been clear in feedback an consistent with what feeding back. Is scopley just took step bacj and stopped messing with all aspects of game an allowed players to enjoy the game we love then they’d see the difference… if they truly truly don’t care an this is the end approaching then so be it I’ll be here til the end as will many more of us… of keep servers on id still play long.

Hope that PU continues an that once player council up positive changes can be implemented

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Congratulations Scopely for this new scam with these new S rank, you managed to disgust me from the game, I stopped a subscription to the club, and I will stop the game, fuck you with your rank S


You aren’t even over exaggerating. A few mates of mine each bought an apartment pre-build in the Philippines for 18k gbp each. When finished some sold it on for 45k. Those who have spent 40k could literally have bought 2 houses in the Philippines (albeit pre built)

Great company = great game.
Just kidding glad i quit couse its getting more trashy



Really? Is that what you call listening to the community? What do you call balancing the game? pathetic only really remains to stop playing, good luck to those who still have the courage to play this game.


There’s worse image


Sad to see this friend, business is stop playing this shit.

Sad to see this friend, business is stop playing this shit.

Do you really think we’re that naïve? I’m sure the odd hopeful person will believe you but the majority of players know for a fact there isn’t a chance in hell for the vast majority to ever collect enough items to get one. It’s like saying a FTP player will be able to reach prestige 13. Sure it might happen eventually but will take about 20 years. Trying to give false hope is a d*ck move and you know it.

This is yet another slap in the face to your players and does nothing to improve the current state of the game.


Ive suspected one to be hacking in my region for a while now, he had a Pete Anderson within the first hour at S class fully maxed that turned into two Petes within a day and every promo since joining this region he has that new character maxed within an hour give or take of it going live on the server he now has Priya at S Class he was in the top faction and left for a bit now he is back in it after he has the new Priya at S Class, this game is over these guys must get such a kick out of pixels and competing against what is 90% of dross compared to the elite few. There is nothing left to give anymore the games dead and full of cheaters that seem to get away with it all the time. Folk who legit spend fine they earn it, but the folks who cheat give them all a bad name and only hurt this game and what is a really good community.


I love how they dump this shite on the community then run for cover for the weekend


As were making 6* more readily available to all players we decided to release this Priya as a show of our ever unwillingness to change. Have fun everyone and keep on surviving!

Seriously though, she’s not just powerful. She’s ■■■■■■■ broken she’s got almost double the stats of the other S-Toon and a ridiculous weapon to boot. They knew this wouldn’t go down well and they were trying to improve. They should have just ditched the S-Class model until next year and the. Started releasing them once the unrest had all but settled but nope. One step forward, ten steps back. This isn’t even a 7*, not even an 8*. She’s got stats you’d expect from a 10* and it’s disgustin. You could probably get a S10 team from 4 4* and a maxed Priya. She’s officially what’ll kill the game.

And despite this #PU; you just know that the people that say they want change will also be the ones that have her during war this weekend. Fully maxed.



Notice they drop the update info doesn’t say one thing about make the a quality experience toon wise. Everyone was saying this is a step in the right direction lmao :joy: , Then they drop a update on s class class toons. All those quality of life changes wont do a dam thing to how this game plays, like wants the point of offering better toon pulls just to widen the gap even more.

Ive faced the fact they just dont get it, like why are they bringing so much to the game so fast: slow, bide, payback, daze, s-class, dual specialist. Oh u guys forgot this is just the tip of the ice burg right? Dual specialist s class toon with veteran boost oh yea its coming :wink:. Like look at all the shit that they have added to the game since WOC all in the effort of making more money, all the get rich quick schemes. Dual specialist was supposed to be a hit but took to fuking long and too much money to get them to useable status so they have been scrapped.

People think they aren’t listening they are just not to the f2p, seen plenty of people say pete is lackluster or isn’t worth all the hype, well here u go :grin:.

Also i can’t wrap my brain around why they are adding all this stat boost shit to the game just say its 7 stars ffs. Stop beating around the bush. With stats like these its already a reset on the current 6 stars basically even the gen 2s. All ik is anyone that i see over s10 or has pete as lead after stat boost definitely skipping them this war.


Greetings survivors,

As we look forward to gain a lot of money…

That is an honest sentence to start with Screwely!


I know you guys don’t care or listen to feedback but I just want you to know how completely idiotic you guys are being.

Awesome, you guys got a lot of the mega whales to pull for priya. Congrats. But now calculate how many medium spenders and regular whales refuse to spend on her? You know the ones that will do between 1-4 big pulls for a toon. You have completely lost those players.

Keep your new shitty gen 2 toons because I will not pull for those. In affect, you have rendered me completely useless as I’m sure in a month, there will be another S Class toon. Congratulations. Very well done.


which is worst EA or scopely